Man Who Died in a Car Crash Was Helping a Motorist Who Was Struck by Another Car | He Was on His Way to Church

Man Who Died in a Car Crash Was Helping a Motorist Who Was Struck by Another Car | He Was on His Way to Church

The grieving family says they are not surprised that the father went to help someone in need because he is just that kind of person.

Triston Lemka was on his way to church when he saw that a motorist needed help. A crash had occurred around 8 p.m. on the southbound lane of Highway 160, on December 12, 2021. Lemka immediately parked his car on the side of the road and went to help the motorist who had fallen from the impact of the accident. Unfortunately, another car struck Lemka's empty vehicle, causing it to push into him, according to WATE

Lemka's wife, Taylor, was notified of the incident when she was at her mother's house. "I was at my Mammy's house and I have a Ring doorbell," she explained. "And the cops told me over my Ring doorbell."


According to Taylor, her 22-year-old husband had been serving as a fill-in pastor or preaching by request since 2018 and was on his way to church at the time of the crash. "He didn't think he was a good one. But he was." she said of Lemka, who also traveled to the Philippines to preach. It doesn't come as a surprise to Taylor that her husband went to help the other person in need with no hesitation because he was "always caring about everybody else".

The grieving mother went on to reveal that his little girl, who was just a month old, was his whole world. “Every time he would come home he would always take her away from me and just talk to her for like an hour,” Taylor said. "He was always joking. He was always trying to make everybody smile. He literally lit up the room."


She also expressed that her husband was her best friend whom she had known for years. They started dating towards the end of their high school. He also enjoyed video games, trips to Walmart, and singing, she said remembering Lemka. She then added that while there are many things she will want their daughter to know of her selfless dad, the one thing she will make her mission is to ensure that her daughter knows "just how good of a person he was".

"And how caring he was. And how loving he was," she added.

Following the fatal crash, Taylor shared her grief in a post on Facebook. "My sweet Tristan, there are no words to explain how much I love you," she wrote. "You were taken away from us way too soon. I know you're up there watching over me and Taytum."


"Don't worry, Taytum is going to grow up knowing that she has the best daddy around," she continued. "I'll always love you. See you someday after while, baby"




Cover Image Source: YouTube | WATE 6 On Your Side (Family remembers good Samaritan)

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