Married for 9 Years to Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher Says Finding a Good Partner Is like "Winning the Lottery"

Married for 9 Years to Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher Says Finding a Good Partner Is like "Winning the Lottery"

The funny couple has an interesting home life thanks to Cohen's penchant for edgy characters, which he sometimes brings home as well.

Actress Isla Fisher is a classic example of head over heels in love. Married to one of the edgiest comic actors in Hollywood, Sacha Baron Cohen, she's seen him portray a lot of over-the-top roles, receive death threats, and commit many a social faux pas, and yet, she doesn't want to be anywhere else but with him.

The couple has been together since 2002 when they met at a party in Fisher's native Australia. The 43-year-old mother-of-three told Marie Claire that the moment she met The Dictator actor was like "winning the lottery." They dated for two years before getting engaged and then waited another six years before getting married because the Wedding Crashers actress wanted to do something special for him. She spent years studying Judaism and converted to the religion to marry the Borat actor.


"I would do anything — move into any religion — to be united in marriage with him. We have a future together, and religion comes second to love as far as we are concerned," she told Evening Standard. After studying the religion, she has fallen in love with it. "I love the traditions that emphasize family. Every Friday night you sit together for dinner and light candles and reflect on your week and show gratitude," she told the Telegraph UK.


The Confessions of a Shopaholic actress believes that their mutual attraction is because they are "polar opposites" and they have been together due to "a shared sense of humor and a willingness to be married." They have three children together, daughters Olive and Elula, and son Montgomery.


The red-headed Australian beauty, who can easily pass off as a 25-year-old, is a devoted partner who's had to worry over her family many times because of the roles her husband picks up. Cohen has run into legal trouble a few times because of the controversial roles he prefers, and that always shifts the conversation at home away from the mundane bits.

"Instead of asking: 'Are you going to pick up the dry cleaning?' I’d ask, 'Are we getting sued by somebody?' or 'Is there a warrant out for your arrest?'" she said. "But luckily when he started to make fictional films like The Dictator, we didn’t have to have those kinds of conversations, because there were no legal implications," she told the Square Mile magazine.


Not only has she been concerned about outside threats, but sometimes she's had to worry about his "workplace injuries" as well. "Once, Sacha came back from work while he was shooting Bruno and he had red welts and blood all over his back, and his thumb was broken... When I asked him what had happened, he just said it was a 'workplace injury,'" she told the magazine.


Her husband keeps things quite unconventional at home because sometimes he returns in full make-up and that confuses the kids, the mother revealed. However, he stays in character only visually. She's clearly the balancing hand in the marriage because despite being in demand for her comic prowess, she's cut back on work.

Now, she chooses supporting roles and works on one film a year because staying home full-time will take her away from her love of acting. "I still love acting. It’s the greatest form of escapism," she told the Telegraph. She also limits her children's exposure to her job by showing them only the pretty dresses and make-up.


But she's not the only one who puts her family first in this relationship. "My husband only makes a movie every three years, so we’re together all the time." Living in LA, they have become more aware of how hard it is to juggle family life there. "There’s not really a culture of bringing your kids to dinner parties or to restaurants past 6 p.m. I tend to entertain at home because I want to be with my family – it’s easier to put your kids to bed and have a wine with friends," she said.


After more than 17 years together and three children, even the most fun couple can feel a slowdown but she has a secret that works for her. She received advice early in her relationship and holds on to it dearly. "Someone early on told me you have to have a date night every week and that is the best bit of advice I was ever given. I think it’s really important on that date night to talk about things other than the kids… It’s really hard," she said. "Honestly, I think communication is everything."






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