Matt Damon Says Being a Father to His Four Daughters Makes His "Heart Full" Even As He Does His Best Not to Spoil Them

Matt Damon Says Being a Father to His Four Daughters Makes His "Heart Full" Even As He Does His Best Not to Spoil Them

The 48-year-old "Bourne" star absolutely adores his daughters but remembers to parent in a way that keeps them from becoming spoiled children.

Matt Damon may have captured his fans' hearts with his movies, charm and performances but it is his four daughters who have his heart lock, stock, and barrel. Fatherhood makes his heart feel "full".

And it all started when he married his wife and soulmate, Luciana Barroso in 2005. Since she already had a 4-year-old daughter named Alexia, now 20, it was a deep dive into becoming a father for him. He's never looked back since then. “I jumped into the deep end with Lucy. I mean, Alexia was already 4. I was an extra dad,” Matt, 48, told PARADE.


Soon after that, the couple happily welcomed three more daughters into their expanding family — Isabella, 13, Gia, 11, and Stella, 8 (at the time of this publication). Their birth evoked something in Matt, as he recalled to the magazine. “The only way I can describe it — it sounds stupid, but — at the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, you know how his heart grows like five times?” he explained. “Everything is full; It’s just full all the time.”


But that's not the only thing that's full all the time. He is constantly learning new things, having four girls in the house. One of those things he learned is that "girls are smarter". "I never expected to be surrounded by girls,  but it’s great. ...You never know which way life’s going to take you," the 48-year-old actor told Today in a backstage interview. "I’m learning so much, not the least of which is how much smarter girls are. I operated under the assumption that us guys had a chance, but I realized when I was completely wrapped around my 2-year-old’s finger, and she knew it. If they can do that to us at 2 years old, when they’re fully grown we really don’t stand a chance."


He observes that being a father opened him up. "I think everything changes in little wonderful ways," he told ET! Online. "My whole life opened up when I became a dad." "I'm very much on the receiving end of all the good stuff," he added.


There's more to Matt and Luciana when it comes to enjoying the beautiful experiences they have with their kids. One thing the Oscar Award winner makes sure to include in his parenting style is keeping his children from becoming spoiled. One of the perks of fame is the loads of free stuff you get. However, when boxes of free toys arrive at his home, the Damon kids don’t even bother opening them, according to Today


“They don’t need anything. So we send everything on to people who need it,” he told the news outlet. “When people send stuff to my kids, my kids have everything they need so we pass it right on. This is the life we’re giving them. It’s hard to figure out how to try to give them perspective. It’s a source of tension in the family at times.”


And he's not exempt from the worry of how to balance teaching his children to avoid being spoiled and giving them everything they want. It's all about setting the right limits and it applies to celebrity parents as well. “What’s the answer? You want your kid to have everything,” he mused.


Lucy seems to have hit the jackpot with Matt, not just as her soulmate but as a partner who loves being a father. She told Vogue, "I just know I think we both feel, really, really lucky to have met each other so we don’t take that for granted. It’s life and marriage, so there’s ups and downs you know, but overall it’s easy and it’s fun. And he’s such a good dad.”


He loves his girls so much, he recently got a tattoo honoring his four darlings, according to USA Today


Well, he seems to be doing a great job and we wish him and Lucy all the best in raising some amazing, grounded kids. 










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