13 Years of Marriage and Matthew McConaughey Still Writes Love Notes to His Wife For a Special Reason

13 Years of Marriage and Matthew McConaughey Still Writes Love Notes to His Wife For a Special Reason

When he talked about marriage, he said, "I didn’t want it to be a destination; the fun is that we’re on the adventure together."

You may call it chemistry or you may call it attraction. But once you feel those magnetic feelings when you meet someone special, you can't hold yourself back from giving in to those feelings. Matthew McConaughey couldn't resist the effect that his wife, Camila Alves, had on him and years later, he can still say that it hasn't changed.

"I have been very faithful to my wife, very selfishly. I like being under her spell. I don't want to break that spell," he told Playboy, as reported by Martha Stewart Weddings.


He was spellbound from the moment he first laid eyes on her for the first time. After what Matthew McConaughey describes as his "healthy, fluent, single years", he met his future wife at a bar in 2006, according to Us Weekly.

"When I saw the woman who is now my wife, I was at a club making margaritas at a table with friends," he said. "When she walked in wearing this aqua dress, I went, 'Whoa, what is that?' I didn't say, 'Who is that?' Grace, identity, constitution, beauty—where's that from? What is that? As soon as she caught my eye, a little voice goes in my head: 'This is not the kind of woman you call across the room. Boy, get your ass out of that chair.'" But it took him a couple of tries after their first meeting for Camila Alves to agree to a date.


He told People, "We went on our first date three nights later and I knew then I’ve been wanting to go on a date with her for the last nine years and not with anybody else."

They went on to have a happy relationship, but they weren't completely sure about the idea of marriage. “I think it’s something that we evolved to. I was never the girl that grew up saying I want to get married. I actually told my parents to not expect me to get married," Camila Alves told Access Hollywood. "The main thing for me is to make sure our home is peaceful, that it’s healthy, that the kids are good. I didn’t know how important [the wedding] was, and how really truly special it was, until I went through the ceremony."


Matthew McConaughey also wanted marriage to be "more than just the thing to do." He said, "I didn’t want it to be a destination; the fun is that we’re on the adventure together."


And so, their adventure of marriage began when they got married in 2012. They are also parents to three children, Levi, Vida, and Livingston. And their family is one of their top priorities. “Friday night’s the no-curfew night. It’s pizza night, it’s a movie night, it’s ‘all the kids can sleep with Mama and Papa night'," said Matthew McConaughey. "That night can go late. Sometimes we have to lie about the time and say it’s midnight when it’s really 10 ’cause we can tell it’s gonna go to 2."


Every now and then, the couple also steals a few moments for themselves to spend time with each other. Camila Alves said, "[We do] a lot of staying at home, cooking together or getting a hotel room that is 10 minutes away from the house. Just the fact that you don’t have to wake up to kids screaming for help with something — it already does something to a mom’s brain."


Apart from making sure they still spend time as a couple, they also have their own ways of making each other feel special and keeping the spark alive. Matthew McConaughey told Today, "I don’t have a certain thing I buy her. An earnest handwritten note, that she knows I sat down and took some time and has some poetry to it, that’s worth more than whatever retail I paid for something."


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