Men, Before You Fall in Love with a Strong Woman, Be Prepared for These 7 Things

Men, Before You Fall in Love with a Strong Woman, Be Prepared for These 7 Things

Treat her right and she will show you that special, wild and fiery side that only a few people get the chance to see.

The moment you’re in the company of a strong woman, you instantly get a taste of the fiery passion she carries within her. The more you spend time with her, the more you want that excitement she brings to the table. But men, if you’re falling for a strong woman, know that it’s hard to get her and even harder to keep her.

Jenna Birch, author of The Love Gap, mentioned how men say they want to date an ambitious go-getter, but do not feel comfortable with their achievements when they actually do get into a relationship with them.

A strong woman is not going to change herself for anyone, so if you feel intimidated by her strong aura, you will eventually lose her. “It is tougher because it takes a very confident man who probably isn't on the same rung of the corporate ladder, not to be intimidated. Very ambitious and very capable women are still very scary for the majority of men,” said Katja Rembrandt, dating coach and owner of Dinner for Two, according to smh.com.au.

Here's what you can expect when you're in a relationship with a strong woman.

1. She wants a commitment – either you're all in or all out  

Enough of casual flings and relationship games; a strong woman has had enough of those in her past and she is now ready for a real commitment. So don’t waste her time if you’re not ready to give your everything to the relationship. When she’s convinced that you’re in it for the long haul, that’s when you get to see her most passionate side; the one she reserves for the most special people in her life. Know that she’s not afraid to show her emotions, no matter how intense they are. Whether it’s excitement, sorrow, exhilaration or anger that she’s going through, she will express it without hesitation and she hopes that you will do the same with her.


2. She will see through your excuses, so don't even try them

Believe her when she says "I’ve been through a lot," because she’s not lying. And those were the very same experiences that taught her the greatest lessons. She knows what heartache feels like and she knows how mind games work. She’s not the kind of girl who will put up with failed promises or wait around for you to show up. So, don’t think you can fool her with a few lies and excuses. She will see past them, maybe even pretend like she believes you, and then never return your calls ever again. The day you break her trust will probably be the last you see of her.

3. She is fiercely independent, so don't bother telling her what to do

The one thing that defines a strong woman the most is her independence. Nothing and no one can break her will, and anyone who tries to will regret it. She’s grown a thick skin over the years, so don’t be surprised if she doesn’t ask for your help in the relationship. If you try to tell her what she can and cannot do, where she can and cannot go or who she can and cannot talk to, she is most certainly not going to listen to it. She does things her way and she wants you to respect that, especially when she’s ready to respect your way.

4. She may seem tough, but treat her right and you'll see her other side

Commanding attention everywhere she goes, a strong woman is known to be a tough one. She doesn’t break apart easily and she always has a calm and composed exterior. But there’s a softer side to her that comes out when you are able to treat her right in the relationship. You’ll see that although she is tough, she has a big heart and an adventurous soul. She fills the relationship with unforgettable moments thanks to her spontaneous side and will keep you on your toes. Love her right, keep up with her and you will never regret a day with her.


5. She's not going to bend to fit your definition of "perfect"

A strong woman is not someone who will change herself to fit the norms of society or conform to the rules of what a woman should and should not do. If there’s something she believes in, she will do it anyway and not give a care in the world about what other people think. When you get into a relationship with her, don’t try to bend her to fit your definition of perfect. In fact, she doesn’t believe in perfect. She loves people for the way they are, and she will look past your flaws, too. All she wants in return is that you look past her flaws as well.

6. She will say what's on her mind and expects you to do the same

The last thing she wants in a relationship is for you to keep your thoughts hidden away from her. She wants you to be open with her and be your most honest self. She will lay down all her thoughts for you and let you know exactly what she’s going through. So don’t hold yourself back from opening up to her. That’s when you will see how wonderful she is because when you tell her your needs, she makes it her needs as well. She will pay attention to every thought of yours and look out for you just like she does for herself.

7. She will love you for the man you are


You might put up a front for your family, you might be someone else in front of your friends, but when you’re with her, you can be everything you truly are. She will love you for the person you are if you can do the same for her. All she wants is for both of you to be equals in the relationship, where both of your needs and desires have an equal voice. When you get into a relationship with a strong woman, you will eventually see how she makes you want to be more and give more. Treat her the way she deserves to be treated, and you will spend years by her side and still feel like a lifetime is not enough to love her completely.

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