Michael Douglas Talks About Discomfort Over Sharing His Holiday Home With Ex-Wife | “Not Pleasant”

Michael Douglas Talks About Discomfort Over Sharing His Holiday Home With Ex-Wife | “Not Pleasant”

During their 23-year-long marriage, Douglas and Luker had invested in a property in Mallorca, which they were forced to share among them. Eventually, Douglas bought out Luker's share of the house.

Michael Kirk Douglas was married to film producer Diandra Luker for about 23 years, from 1977 to 1995, until they decided to call it quits. Finally, five years later, in 2000, after going through an expensive and public divorce, the two were no longer tied to each other. Apart from Douglas, 76, and Luker, 65, sharing a son, Cameron, 42, they also shared property in Spain.

The same year, Douglas got married to Catherine Zeta-Jones, but they were unable to completely enjoy the beauty of their holiday home in Mallorca, Spain, because of one clause in his divorce from Luker, according to PEOPLE.

The terms of their divorce dictated that the Ant-Man actor and Luker would have to share the home among them, in equal periods, forcing them to endure an "uncomfortable" period of time sharing their Mallorca home, per a translation of Douglas's recent interview with the local Mallorca news outlet, Ultima Hora


"It was very uncomfortable to share the house of s'Estaca with my ex-wife, Diandra," he said. "Six months each was not a pleasant thing for anyone." Seeing as how the whole experience was unpleasant for the both of them, they tried to put the property for sale, in 2014, reports Hello! Magazine. However, they failed to receive a decent offer, so they decided to retain the home. 

In 2020, Douglas reportedly brought Luker's share of the 250-acre home, states Independent. Now, Douglas and Zeta-Jones, 51, own the home in full and spend time there with their two children, son Dylan, 21, and daughter Carys, 18, as well as Cameron. Douglas noted that the current arrangement works well for Zeta-Jones, citing the old mantra, "Happy wife, happy life."


"My ex-wife Diandra is no longer an owner, a partner with us, so we have the house together and Catherine's very happy here," he said.

Back in 2017, during an exclusive interview with Mirror, Douglas said that his biggest regret was not divorcing Luker earlier. "I have nothing against her and in fact, I’m very fond of my first wife. But we should have ended that marriage eight or 10 years earlier."

"It took me too long to realize that if you go to a marriage counselor to resolve problems, it’s in his interest to keep the marriage going. Because if I end the marriage he’s got no business. I think Diandra would probably say the same thing. That’s the only clear regret that I have."

All that is in the past for the Basic Instincts actor, who went on to describe the Spanish island as "magical." 


"I couldn't think of anywhere else, anywhere in the Mediterranean, where I can see such a coastline," he said. "Now that everything is arranged and that the house is one hundred percent ours, Catherine's and mine, I can say that I never wanted to leave," he said.

He continued, "My children will continue to come and my grandchildren and their children. I am sure that for generations this island will be theirs. This house belongs to my family and it will continue to be. Cameron, Dylan, and Carys love it. My daughter speaks Spanish perfectly."

The happy couple has been sharing pictures from their stay in Mallorca, and it does seem like they're having a jolly good time!






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