Michael Jackson's Son Prince Reveals How Similar Sister Paris Is to MJ, Says "She is Who My Dad is" and Shares Other Memories

Michael Jackson's Son Prince Reveals How Similar Sister Paris Is to MJ, Says "She is Who My Dad is" and Shares Other Memories

Both the kids of Michael Jackson are keeping his legacy alive in subtle and important ways.

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Iconic performer Michael Jackson's personal life was kept away from the public and the prying eyes of media so that his family would not have to bear the brunt of his massive, global popularity.

But after his sad demise, two of his children Paris and Prince have spoken about their personal life on a few occasions which could be a source of major nostalgia for his admirers and also give a glimpse of the other side of his life.


Michael Jackson's eldest children represented him at Motown's 60th-anniversary celebration in Paris and, naturally, the momentous occasion inspired many memories of their late father. In a behind-the-scenes video, the siblings were seen reminiscing the good old times with their father. Also, in ways, more than one, the late singer's kids have kept his legacy alive. One such thing is their choice of clothes.


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The two siblings reveal that they still work with their father's stylist Rushka Bergman, who is able to achieve the flashy styles that Michael was known for, claims E! News. "I remember Rushka was my dad's stylist. She would always come in with these large racks... my dad loved shiny things, blingy, you know? So when I came in yesterday to look at the jacket, it was almost nostalgic," Prince shares. "It was very cool that to see that I am like, not really being put in the same shoes, but almost doing a very similar thing."


He adds that it felt like everything was coming "full circle."

Next, they spoke about their dad's venture with Motown records with which MJ had a rich working history. They reveal that this history with Motown is one that their father spoke of "fondly." According to Prince, "Motown is, I mean, how do you explain Motown? If you're part of Motown, it's kind of like an extended family. Like, 'Oh, you were a part of that too?'"



And his big sister agrees. She tells the cameras, "I think of my childhood when I hear the word Motown. I grew up listening to all of that and it's very nostalgic."


According to  MyLifeTime, MJ's lawyer, Tom Mesereau, revealed how dedicated he was to his children and tried to steal time from his demanding career to spend it with his children. Mesereau recounts an incident that reveals how deep their bond was—and how that special bond between dad and kids has strengthened after his death.


Mesereau told about the time when the King of Pop was lying in bed recouping from a hard day's work, and his kids—Prince, Paris, and Blanket—started jumping on his bed.  Despite being exhausted, he gave them his time and let them have their fun rather than asking for his nanny to take them away. Prince and Paris were born to Jackson’s second wife, Debbie Rowe, and Blanket was born through a surrogate mother.



"I never saw a more doting father in my life," Mesereau said. "Absolutely loved his kids, and they loved him. You really watched him with his kids, and you didn’t see a selfish narcissist or a celebrity. You saw a very caring, giving father who wanted to be simple and quiet and teach his children about the world."

On a few occasions, Paris had revealed how difficult it was for her to cope up with the loss of her father and how the void he left could never be filled. And this could be because she is very similar to her iconic father emotionally and personality-wise says her older sibling Prince.

“Basically, as a person, she is who my dad is,” Rolling Stone quotes her older brother, Prince Michael Jackson. “The only thing that’s different would be her age and her gender.” Paris is similar to MJ, he adds, “in all of her strengths, and almost all of her weaknesses as well. She’s very passionate. She is very emotional to the point where she can let emotion cloud her judgment.”


Today, as his children have successful careers they try to follow on his footstep and stay true to the knowledge and legacy he passed on to them. Prince explained how his father always wanted his children to "chase their dreams," and that he feels his dad's presence guide them in this path. "My dad was always a strong believer in going for what you want and go follow your dreams and chase your dreams…" Metro quoted him.

But what he once said to his daughter Paris is something that could probably benefit generations. As per HELLO! he said to her "If you wanna be bigger than me, you can. If you don't want to be at all, you can. But I just want you to be happy."