Mom Risked Her Own Life to Give Birth to Her Christmas Miracle Child at 29 Weeks Despite Doctors Warning Her That She Won't Survive

Mom Risked Her Own Life to Give Birth to Her Christmas Miracle Child at 29 Weeks Despite Doctors Warning Her That She Won't Survive

The young mother was told over and over again that she was having a boy who would be stillborn or wouldn't live for more than 48 hours, but she refused to give up.

The worst thing a mom wants to hear is that her baby wouldn't make it. All you can do at that moment is to pray to God for a miracle to save your child. And, sometimes, God answers those prayers and saves the day.

A young mom-of-three recently gave birth to a fighter, who defied odds, and became her miracle baby after doctors said she would be stillborn. When Kirsty Mizon, 23, found out that she was pregnant she was so excited she started buying things for her child right away. However, when she was 13 weeks pregnant she received some bad news.

"I woke up in the night. I thought I had been sweating because it was hot so I changed my pajamas and got back in bed. That was at 4 am. At 8 am I was walking to work when I thought I needed the toilet and I started dripping blood. I rushed home and called an ambulance. When I saw all the blood I knew it would be bad news. It was horrible. The doctors at the hospital said my waters have broken and said my baby will pass away within 48 hours. They told me to go home and wait for it to happen," she told Derbyshire Live.


The young mother was told that her child was a boy. She was given the option of termination, and was told that her child might not survive or would be born handicapped, since the water broke. They also said that there was a risk to her life because of sepsis.

"I was devastated. I went home and I waited for the inevitable to happen. But it didn’t. My baby’s heartbeat was still going strong," said the mom. "They gave him a one per cent survival rate, because I was constantly losing amniotic fluid. Every scan I had I only had 1cm or 2cm of fluid and sometimes I had nothing at all."


After the mother was told this grave news she feared being in public places even because seeing other children just made her feel sad. "At times I felt like I was breaking. The bleeding was so bad, I was passing 10 cm blood clots. I didn’t know if I was strong enough to go through it but I couldn’t give up on my baby. I had been in touch with a bereavement midwife before and I cried so many tears for the baby I thought I was going to lose," said Kirsty.


But then, something wonderful happened. The child defied odds and lived another 16 weeks inside her mother and when Kirsty went into labor at 29 weeks, she was ready for the bad news. She had been preparing to hold a funeral for her baby, according to Mirror.

"I had pains all day and by the time I got to the hospital, I was 10cm dilated. My sister and mum were with me but I felt emotionless. I wanted to block it out, to run away. And then I heard my baby cry. It was the best feeling ever, the greatest sound I have ever heard. The midwife turned to me and said 'he is a she, you have a little girl.' I couldn’t believe it. I had kept her in there without fluid for almost four months. The doctors, nurses, and surgeons quickly got into action and stabilized her as she needed a little bit of help," she said.


Kirsty and her partner, Lewis Peach, 26, have named their little fighter Lacey and call her their "Christmas miracle." The mom said that her baby girl is doing well but she might be in the hospital till the New Year.




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