Grieving Mum Cried Herself to Sleep After Son’s Death, Wakes up to Find She Has Lost Her Other Son Too

Grieving Mum Cried Herself to Sleep After Son’s Death, Wakes up to Find She Has Lost Her Other Son Too

Scott was only 29 and Robert, 36 when they died a day apart from one another. The reason for their deaths is not confirmed.

We never know when tragedy will strike us and we lose our loved ones. We take so much for granted around us and forget how ephemeral life can be. We think we are unhappy until something worse happens and then realize the moment that was lost. The devastating grief felt by this mother who lost two of her sons within 48 hours is something only very few people will understand.

Rosemary Davies was reeling from grief after losing her 29-year-old and had gone to sleep with difficulty after crying all night when she was woken up in the morning with screams that her 36-year-old son also passed away. Unable to contain her grief, she thought she would jump into the grave with them. She tragically lost her sons Scott, 29, and Robert, 36, in May and is devastated about how to go forward. When the family received the news about Scott, they were already shocked and Robert, also known as Bobby, had rushed back to console his mother in her Wrexham home, accompanied by his girlfriend Fallon. Rosemary and Bobby stayed up all night talking before she went to sleep on the upper floor. Bobby and Fallon stayed the night.


Around 8 am, Rosemary found Fallon screaming from downstairs, according to Sun UK. Bobby had blood coming out of his mouth and couldn't be saved even though his stepfather Paul and paramedics tried to resuscitate him.

"We talked until about 2 am, then I went to bed. At 5 am I was crying in my bed, trying not to wake anybody up as Bobby and Fallon were sleeping downstairs on the sofa bed. But at 7.55am I heard Fallon screaming and I came downstairs to find thick blood had come out of Bobby's mouth, and he was cold to the touch," the grief-stricken mother said.


The grief was so much that the mother came a little unraveled. "I found myself screaming in the street outside. I couldn't believe I'd now lost my other boy," she told North Wales Live. The brothers were buried together following a joint funeral, after the night Scott died became the eve of Bobby's death.

The funeral was attended by grief-stricken relatives, including Rosemary's 18-year-old grandson Liam. The woman in her 60s has not been able to cope with the grief. "I don't know how they did it, because after they carried one coffin down they had to go back up the aisle to carry the other one. It was heartbreaking," she said.

Scott lived only a stone's throw away from her and she had begged him to stay with her the night before he died once she guessed he was feeling down. He wanted to go to rehab but there wasn't any space for him so he went back home, which was around the corner from Rosemary's home. The next day, the father of a 6-year-old was found dead. It is believed that the factory employee had an overdose.


"Scott lived around the corner would come and see me every day, and even though Bobby was settled with Fallon and was in a good place mentally, he still came round to see me for his Sunday lunch and every Thursday," she said, according to Mirror UK.

She said that Scott was "kind and shy" and together the brothers were just "little rogues." Out of her five children, she was most attached to Scott and Bobby, said the mother. "My other three, Michael, Dean and Donna, got on with their lives, but my apron strings had never really been cut from Scott and Bobby. We were inseparable," she said.

Even though it has been an exceptionally tough time, she finds solace in her 6-year-old grandson Leo. She is the legal guardian for the young boy.

"My heart is broken but he is going to fill it," she said. "I'm his legal guardian, but Scott absolutely adored him, as did his uncle Bobby. Leo has lost both his daddy and a very close uncle. He loved him so much and would always take him to the park for a game of football."


The family is also burdened with the cost of the funeral which has cost around £6,000. "We just don't have that kind of money, and we just don't know how we are going to pay for it. It's another worry on top of everything," she said. A JustGiving page has been created for those who want to help the family.





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