Mum Devastated After Partner Broke up Because She Stopped Wearing Makeup Post-Pregnancy|He Made Her Feel Like "Rubbish"

Mum Devastated After Partner Broke up Because She Stopped Wearing Makeup Post-Pregnancy|He Made Her Feel Like "Rubbish"

The mother was left alone and struggling after her son's birth when her boyfriend split with her stating she doesn't shave or wear makeup anymore. She coudn't believe what was happening with her.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on July 17, 2020. It has since been updated.

Bringing a new life into the world is the most delicate and beautiful event in a mother's life. But along with that comes the exhaustion and perseverance to provide the child with the best. That's when you need the support of your better half the most. But, a young mother lost the man she loved for the shallowest reason possible.


The mom, who didn't disclose her name, revealed that she and her partner had been together for two and a half years before the arrival of their son. According to the Mirror, the boyfriend admitted to her that he doesn't love her anymore as things had changed. When you've spent so many years with someone and they suddenly reveal that they don't love you anymore, it's the hardest thing to hear.

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If that wasn't enough, he went on to show his displeasure against her not dressing up enough. He complained that since their son's birth the woman had stopped putting any effort into her appearance and stopped putting makeup or shaving.


Though the woman admitted that although she did stop putting makeup on, she refrained from shaving her bikini line due to the c-section which hasn't healed properly. Her self confidence had hit so low that she connected with a few Netmums to find whether her partner had a valid reason to leave her or not.

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The mother of newborn said, "The way I feel my son doesn’t sleep well as it is he’s up every 2 hours and sometimes awake from 12 am till 7 am and I’m the one who does every night shift, all the cleaning in the house, bottles everything so whilst my son sleeps through the day I’ve got the cleaning to do and the dog to entertain so I don’t get time to do my makeup or anything else."


It's true when a woman becomes a mom, her priorities change to raising and nurturing the child in the best way possible. But, she never forgets about her duties as a wife, homemaker, or professional. While in many cases, the husband or boyfriend understands the day-to-day struggles of a mother, the boyfriend of this mother chose to ignore it.

Explaining the situation at home, she continued, "When he gets in from work he makes something to eat, sits down for ten minutes with our son then finds something else to keep him busy pops out somewhere or something."


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Her sadness cannot be overlooked by the statements made. There are times when you try hard to keep everyone pleased but they still manage to find flaws and it breaks you. She felt the same. "I just don’t have time to do makeup or shave! And if I did have time I’d choose to do something else other than that! It’s just made me feel a bit rubbish about myself," she said.

When you're new to parenting, it's a unique and overwhelming experience. Almost like learning to walk for the first time. Only now, you're holding a tiny hand in yours and guiding them to walk as well. The process becomes a lot easier with the right partner but sometimes, dealing with a partner can be a lot more difficult than dealing with a baby.


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The mother revealed, "He says I’m not affectionate on top of all of that and says I turn my back to him at night (I have to settle our son to sleep in his next to me crib and then I feel like it’s mean to turn away from him to turn to my partner what if the blankets go over his head or something)."

Such concerns of a mother are expected. The fear of something happening to the child even if you blink is real. The mother continued explaining her boyfriend's ignorance by saying, "I’m just a really worried first-time parent and I don’t think he understands that for the first couple of months my mind and attention is going to be on our son. Surely that’s what makes me a good mum you don’t palm somebody off because of it."


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Netmums however were disturbed by the helpless woman's concerns and self-doubts. One of them commented, "Good grief, what is wrong with the bloke? He doesn’t deserve a family. I’ve had 3 kids and each one was difficult on my body. Sorry but his attitude disgusts me."

The "shallow" behavior and reasoning of the boyfriends got many backlashes from other moms as well, reported the Mirror. Another one of them added, "Your partner is shocking and to be honest I'd tell him to pack his bags. I couldn't be with a man that constantly wanted to put me down, it will make your(sic) feel rubbish. Having a baby, especially your first is hard work. Just focus on yourself and the little one."


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While another net mom explained how c-section scars can take months to heal properly, a fourth one commented, "Omg I would get rid," adding, "What a man-child he is."

Surely this new mom and son deserve a better life partner and a father, who is selfless and understanding.