Mom Diagnosed With Cancer Found Strength in Her Son | He Shaved His Head So She Wouldn’t Be Lonely

Mom Diagnosed With Cancer Found Strength in Her Son | He Shaved His Head So She Wouldn’t Be Lonely

The video captures the mom's shock and happiness, and it's truly heartwarming.

The world around someone can come to a standstill with a cancer diagnosis. The dreaded disease is known to rob families of joy, and the best thing for someone to do for a loved one with a scary diagnosis is to just lend them some support. So, when Instagram user @tycho.vk—who goes by Tycho— found out his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, he knew he had to be there for her. 

When Tycho's mom began aggressive forms of treatment to battle the disease, her hair started to fall off. Instead of waiting for her to go bald naturally, she decided to shave her head.  Since that could be a bit overwhelming for the woman, given how she'd be changing her entire identity in a matter of minutes, the loving son decided to give her some company. 


So, after he shaved every last strand of his mom's hair, he turned the razor towards his hair, and with a smile on his face, he began to trim his locks. In the video, a text said "I didn't want her to feel alone".

At first, the mother didn't realize what was happening, probably because she was trying to take in everything that had just happened.  But, when she did notice what her son was doing, she let out a squeal,  mixed with shock and happiness, asking him what he was doing. 

Here's where it gets absolutely heartwarming. The mother took the trimmer from Tycho and started shaving the rest of his hair off. In the background Ghost Town by Chloe George plays, and it ends with a message from Tychi that read: "Zero regrets. I love you."


The loving son even started a fundraiser to raise some money to fund cancer research, so there can be an end to it, once and for all. 

"A while back my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. For a long time, I felt powerless because I couldn't do anything to help. After a while, the time came when I had to shave off my mother's hair. Here I finally found a moment to do something to show that she is not alone: ​​shave my own hair too."

"I wanted her reaction on video as a reminder. I put this memory on social media, with my mother's permission." Little did he know the video was going to go viral, and make people tear up. "I never expected the reach of the video. I want to do something with this range," he said, adding that he has plans to take part in a marathon for his mom and countless other women like her.


"I am going to run against cancer, along with many others, during the Marathon in Eindhoven. I'm participating to raise money for cancer research. Money that is very much needed, because 1 in 3 people in the Netherlands is still diagnosed with cancer. I want to raise as much money as possible for cancer research. In this way, I still have the feeling that I can do something against this disease."

Oh, what joy it must be, to be blessed with a son like Tycho!




Cover Image Source: Instagram | Tycho (@tycho.vk)


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