Mom-of-Two Relearns To Love Her Husband & Children After Losing Her Memory Due To A Sudden Heart Stoppage

Mom-of-Two Relearns To Love Her Husband & Children After Losing Her Memory Due To A Sudden Heart Stoppage

Believe in miracles, believe in love!

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on April 9, 2020. It has since been updated.

It is said that there is no bond stronger than family bonds. A mother of two proved it right and made us believe in miracles and love after embracing her family who she had no memory of due to a sudden heart stoppage. After the incident, she spent a decade relearning to love her husband and children. Her story of undying love for her family will strengthen your belief in the divine entity called FAMILY.

According to Mirror, Tracey Deimert can't remember anything from her 37 years of life before the accident. From her wedding to giving birth to her children, she has no memory.


The mother of two, who is now 47, was visiting her parents when suddenly her heart stopped beating and she collapsed in the kitchen, reports Somerset Live.



The Bridgewater mom was lifeless (without a pulse) for 60 long minutes leading to a hypoxic brain injury. On rushing her to the hospital, doctors informed her husband Garry that her brain has remained out of oxygen for too long and therefore, she will remain in a "vegetative state" all her life.  But Tracey showed an incredible will to live for her family. "I'm a fighter. Even when things are down, you should never give up," Mirror quoted her.

Her eyes flickered and she came back to life against all odds. But even as she regained senses, she remembered nothing; a total memory loss. Her parents, husband, and two kids - she did not have the remotest recognition of them.


"She didn't know I was her husband and that she had two children. All her memories had gone forever. It was heartbreaking for us," Garry recalls.

But a mother can never lose her motherly instincts, come what may. Tracey who is now at Brunelcare relearned to love her husband Garry, 49, and her children, Cameron, 20, and Bradley, 14, again, reports Daily Mail.



Speaking of her new favorite memories, she explained, "There's quite a few. Holidays to Woolacombe have been fab!"




"Generally building new experiences and watching them grow up is my favorite. Seeing Cameron start his new job, seeing Bradley play rugby. It’s all so magical," she added. While Tracey still does not have any memory of her initial half of life, she is happy to be making new memories with her sons and husband. She also believes that after an unsettling decade she can finally see her life getting back on track.


"Learning to interact with my children and re-love them was very strange. I did, however, have a motherly instinct towards them when I first saw them but didn’t know who they were," reports Daily Mail. But she admits that "I love them more than I ever have and I really enjoy building new memories with them."



In another heartwarming turn of events, she confessed that she fell in love with her husband Garry all over again. It was "strange" initially, but later she realized that he is an incredible human being and there are all the right reasons to fall in love with him again and again. She also believes that she might have lost her memory but not her love for Garry. Love, as we know, finds its way through the hardest of situations.

"It was very strange at first - I remember thinking Garry was the nicest man ever and I can see why I would have fallen in love with him," she explained. "It was easy getting to know and relearning to love Garry, it was like I had never fallen out of love with him."


Image: Somerset Live

As a result of her new life that she received as a gift, she now helps other people to reciprocate the love and support she was given during her healing period. "I started helping out in the day center about four years ago," she explained. "I was wanting to help people as much as people have helped me."

She is also striving to put out the message of never quitting. "I wanted to put my message across to people to not give up. It's also nice and social too. It's now my job once a fortnight and it gives me a purpose."

Like a true lover and soulmate, Garry has always been by her side and never gave up on her. He lauds her positive outlook on life and feels grateful for having another chance to show how much their family means to him.

"The way she carries herself, her positive outlook, she wants to help me, she wants to help herself, it's not all about her and she makes it about everyone else," he explained. "She gets frustrated but generally it's about helping everyone. She never gives up and always keeps on going."