Mom Instantly Recognizes 18YO Twins She Was Forced to Give up for Adoption When They Were 8 Months Old | Her Reaction Is Priceless

Mom Instantly Recognizes 18YO Twins She Was Forced to Give up for Adoption When They Were 8 Months Old | Her Reaction Is Priceless

The mother of 10 kids was happy to embrace her 18-year-old twins after almost two decades. The kids were also eager to see her.

Saying goodbye to one's children can never be easy for a mom. People are forced to make tough choices in the course of their life and giving up their children for adoption might be one for some people. Some women or couples might choose this path when they realize that they can't take care of their children and someone else is likely to do a better job of it. 

Mom of eight kids, Kim Harris wanted her big family to be happy and cared for. She wanted the best for them but that is not always possible. So, when she had twins Dakota and Danielle, she had to take a tough call. When they were 8 months old, the mom-of-10 placed them for adoption. Initially, she heard about her infants regularly from those who adopted them but they stopped after a while.

Kim depended on those updates to stay connected to the children she was forced to give up, which is why one of her older children, Stephanie Fameli, decided to ease her mother's mind, according to mypositiveoutlooks.com.


Stephanie looked through social media platforms for her siblings and eventually found them on Facebook when the twins were 17 around years old. She started talking to them and struck up a connection. Stephanie wrote, "In the adoption paperwork there was one spot where they forgot to cross out some information. I was able to look the parents up on Facebook and then I found their profiles. I messaged my sister and she actually had a conversation with me and then she saw photos of our siblings on Facebook and thought that she looks a lot like one of our sisters. She knew she was adopted so she figured out pretty quickly that I was family. We talked on Facebook for a while and after they turned 18 they decided to drive to my house in the middle of the night all the way from Montana to Washington. I had to keep them a secret until we got up the next morning and drove over to my mom's house."

The twins embarked on a road trip and landed up at Kim's front door. When they rang the doorbell, since they wanted to surprise their birth mom, they were greeted by Kim. It was one of the happiest moments in Kim's life and it was captured by Stephanie on video.

She wrote the caption, "This was one of the best days of my life. My younger brother and sister turned 18 and decided to surprise the family after being gone (adopted) since they were 8 months old. I'm just so overjoyed I got to be a part of it all..."


She added another comment giving more details of the day. "No one knew I was going to take a video. not my brother and sister, no one. my sister was too nervous to eat. So i stopped by McDonald's. They were bringing the good I side to eat. had I planned it, I might have asked them to leave the food in the car. nd as for the circumstances of their adoption, my mom was a single mom who struggled to support us all. when she realized. she lost her job as a school bus driver after a bad accident. no one in the family could help, so she did what she thought was write, she wanted them to have a good life and they did. They were raised by a wonderful family on a ranch with horses. What living parent wouldn't do that for their child? But say what you want, make fun of my spelling, I don't care. I'm just trying to share one of the best moments of my life [sic]," wrote Stephanie.

When the twins went to meet their biological mother, Danielle and one of her biological sisters, Aly, were expecting their own babies around the same due date. The entire family was able to stay in touch and they were together when Kim battled pancreatic cancer. She passed away on November 24, 2015, and all of her 10 children were together for her funeral.


In Kim's life, which was difficult until the end, meeting her babies 18 years later was one of the best moments.




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