Moms of Sick Kids Have Immense Strength, and This Heartbreaking Video Captures Their Pain Perfectly

Moms of Sick Kids Have Immense Strength, and This Heartbreaking Video Captures Their Pain Perfectly

Every mother has their work cut out for them but for those with sick children, it takes a certain unbreakable spirit to stay strong for their child.

When parents hear the news that they're pregnant, one of the first things they pray for is that their child is healthy. For some, that wish is granted. But for those who have to watch their sick child struggle to live, the pain is all-encompassing.

They live every day never knowing whether their child will get to see another sunrise or sunset. They live feeling powerless at the fact that they can't help their child. They live scared that their child's pain will just keep increasing, with no end in sight. It's a torment like no other.

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Especially for the mother who loved them since she saw those two lines on the stick or found out at the doctor's. She has the burden of emotion weighing her down - guilt, helplessness, pain, grief as she watches her child grapple to even breathe properly. But she can never show those emotions to the outside world because she has to be the rock for her family, for her child.

In private, she will pray, cry, break down, rage, scream at the horrible reality her child has to face. When she is finally spent, she has to pick herself up, dust herself off and go out to show that she will take care of all of it. You will never see her grieve.

In private, her hands will shake as she stares into nothingness. She may have even shattered inside. But the demands of reality will pull her back to doing everything she can to make things easier for her child. She'll never let anyone know how her pain is causing her soul to crack and splinter. 

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In private, she'll fall against the wall, wondering why this had to happen to her child. Tears will spring to her eyes, some may fall, some may not. But she knows her child needs her. As she gets back up, she resolves to do as much in her power to give her child the faith that their illness doesn't define them.

In front of her child, she will bustle about, making them feel as at home and normal as any other child. She will never let them believe that they are weak for having to deal with their disease. She will always have faith that there is something better out there for her bundle of joy.

It is her strength and intense love for her baby that keeps her going, that keeps her soul intact. No force on earth will ever truly break that.

And in honor of her and other mothers of sick children, on Mother's Day, children's non-profit organization, SickKids Foundation, released a 90-second advertisement showing how strong they really are. Take the time out to watch this heart-melting video of mothers who have no choice but to go on with life as they try to spare their sick child from suffering any more pain.




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