The Moon Phase You Were Born Under Says a Lot About You | Find Out More About Your Lunar Personality

The Moon Phase You Were Born Under Says a Lot About You | Find Out More About Your Lunar Personality

The moon determines and says a lot about our personality just as the sun and the star signs do.

Did you know that the moon also determines your personality as the sun does? The sun and the star signs are the general identifications of your personality but knowing which moon phase you were born under can help you understand the personality traits from a soul perspective along with emotional and unconscious perspectives, according to Kelly Astrology.

So are you ready to uncover the mysteries of your personality that the moon is trying to tell you?

1. New Moon

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

If you were born during the New Moon phase, you have a childlike outlook towards life which is bright and exciting. Creative and enthusiastic, you're always hopeful about the new things you start. You are always open to new things and find it adventurous to explore the roads less traveled. With everything said you are also quite impulsive which can either turn to be your best quality or your worst. However, your charming personality helps keep you out of trouble.

2. Waxing Crescent

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

Born in the first crescent moon phase, you are quite curious about everything. Your curiosity helps you in exploring new areas hence evolving your understanding of different subjects. You are also very productive and determined which makes you ambitious. Since you are very careful about where you tread, you have all the plans of dodging risks and troubles in place.

3. First Quarter

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

The ones born in the first quarter moon phase are very active and capable of accomplishing a lot. Since you're so full of energy, you sometimes tend to be impatient but it only renders results ultimately. Positive and strong-willed, you possess the qualities of becoming a leader. No matter what the problem might be, you always have a solution.

4. Waxing Gibbous

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

If you were born during the Gibbous moon phase, you are naturally caring and always try to make others feel better through your deeds. Your nurturing quality always tends to make people feel special. You're a perfectionist who never backs down unless you truly believe that you've reached your goal. Your maturity makes the ones you love believe in you with their whole heart.

5. Full Moon

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

You're an emotional person if you're born during the full moon phase. You tend to be sensitive when it comes to relationships but using your power of rationality, you succeed in balancing it out. You are always conflicted between listening to your heart and applying logic but being the amazing person that you are, your heart always wins. Throughout these years, your experiences have taught you to take control of your fears.

6. Waning Moon

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

As a person born in the waning moon phase, you seem pensive at first but as people get to know you they find out that you are more than that. Being a knowledgeable person, you like to scatter the seeds of information to everyone that you meet because you believe in the idea "knowledge is power." You are analytical and critical of everything you or others do but that's only because you want to reform the world into a better place.

7. Last Quarter

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

Loyalty is your motto. You are understanding, sympathetic, and mature which makes people attracted to you. You are quite aware of yourself and your surroundings and make sure that the people around you are aware of themselves as well. Being aware helps you in finding quick solutions to problems, along with helping others organize their lives in a better way. You are sentimental and attached to your past but that helps you in creating a better future. Some people see your idealism as inflexibility but you like and appreciate the way you are.

8. Waning Moon

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

You have a dreamy, imaginative, and contemplative personality which helps you in tieing up the loose ends of the past and begin a new journey each time you feel low in life. Your innate wisdom helps you in understanding the mystical way mother nature works and dive deeper into the idea of spirituality. You also understand that the things you experience right now are a key to happiness and success in the near future.

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