Your Moon Sign Reveals Your True Emotional Personality: Here’s What It Says

Your Moon Sign Reveals Your True Emotional Personality: Here’s What It Says

While the sun resembles your exterior being, the moon says more about the kind of person you are deep down inside. Find out more about your moon sign and your inner self.

Did you know that you have a moon sign and that it can differ from your sun sign? Well, it can. Essentially, the sign where Moon is placed at your time of birth is called the Moon sign, according to Indastro.com. Where our sun signs concern our external personality, the moon sign reveals more about our inner self.

Considering moon signs can help identify what lies beneath the exterior, here's what your emotional personality is like, depending on your sign. For information on how to find out what sign you belong to under the moon, find a moon sign calculator at the end of the article.


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Energy is the name of your game. There is a passion for life that runs through your blood and there are no opportunities you want to miss out on. You bring this same excitement to all areas of your life, professional and personal. As an Arien, you have a need to push forward and get to your goals. Your focus is awe-inspiring. However, this sort of drive can also lead you to act impulsively at times. Additionally, as Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression, you can tend to get frustrated easily and be short-tempered. In a relationship, you need plenty of independence and freedom. Considering you enjoy being your own boss, the fear of being trapped or chained down can be intense.


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For those who claim Taurus as their moon sign, stable and secure are the words that others would use to describe you. You enjoy the finer things in life and a lavish lifestyle, but in no way are you irresponsible, fiscally or otherwise. However, this can also lead to laziness if you get too used to that type of life. As for relationships, you invest a lot emotionally in your family, friends, and partner and expect the same respect from them as well. You love unconditionally but that doesn't stop you from being honest with them, sometimes even brutally honest.


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Geminis are clever ones. You have no issues with quick, witty responses or difficult situations that require creative solutions. In addition to that, you are a natural conversationalist and love socializing. After all, that's the best place to hone your wit and it is this intelligence that makes you the life of the party. Even when you look for a partner, you seek someone who mirrors your own personality. The drawback to being a Gemini moon sign though is that you struggle to make solid decisions and this can make you come off as flighty. Not to mention, this fact also translates into your inability to express your emotions as clearly as you want, even to yourself.


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Cozying up in your bed, with a good book or cup of hot chocolate is far more enticing to you than stepping out. Your highly sensitive self is extremely attuned to others around you which is why not only do you prefer being on your own in a comfortable space but also why you prefer to have just a small circle of family and friends. You enjoy nurturing them and you like it when you get to experience that nurturing as well. However, because of how caring and sensitive you are, you have a tendency to become moody. But that is overshadowed by your creativity and loving attitude towards others.


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The spotlight is on you, Leos! You have a flair for drama and are the bold, beautiful and charismatic person that many people want to be. Passion is embodied by you and it carries over even in the romance department. You may not admit it all the time, but you absolutely love it when your partner completely adores you. With all the self-love and self-confidence you practice, sometimes, you might have to watch out that it doesn't inflate your ego too much. Apart from that, you enjoy strutting your stuff. But that doesn't mean you ignore your loved ones. If anything, you are an extremely loyal friend and a fun one at that. You bring life to others around you.


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Your innate willingness to help and be there for others is what makes friends flock to you and ensure that their bond with you is solid. When it comes to helping out loved ones with problems, it's a breeze for you. Not to mention, they know that you have a way of making them understand situations better. But one thing that is more important to you is organization and health. Your keen eye for detail plays in here and your worst pet peeve is sloppy or lazy work. Sometimes, this obsession for perfection might seem a bit neurotic but you know that there are times you need to take a step back, breathe and remember that not everything has to be perfect.


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Peace, love, and harmony. Those are the words you embody and you shine the brightest in a harmonious environment. You are the peacemaker of the group and when your loved ones are with you, a fun time is guaranteed. Additionally, you seek a partner who "completes you." The flip side to this is that you find it very difficult to handle confrontations. Because you can understand every side of a story, it makes it hard to be able to come to a final decision. And that applies to lifestyle as well. You like to indulge in some lavish tastes, and if left unchecked, you might end up spending more than you should. A little self-control could do you great.


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Much like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, you don't allow anything to bog you down. For you, every hardship that you have to face, you see it as an opportunity to find something new about yourself and embrace change. But even amongst this change, you require trust and a certain level of vulnerability from others for you to be able to open up to them. It's because of this that Scorpios like you find it a challenge to properly be able to express your emotions. That doesn't mean that you can't feel though. It just means that it all builds up inside you. While you aren't afraid to be alone, you know that there is someone out there who will stir your soul.


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Like a bright-eyed child, you seek wonder and knowledge with never-ending optimism. Your journey to broaden your horizon and expand your freedom, not only brings out the depth in you but it also makes you the life of the party. When it comes to finding a partner, you look for someone who can satisfy your want to learn and grow. Knowing that they're there for the long haul can be the deal-breaker. You might have issues with anger but that's only when you're around those who are narrow-minded and who refuse to accept other views of the world.


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Let's face it. Capricorns are the CEOs of the moon signs. Your drive and ambition push you to excellence and help you succeed in your endeavors. Your ability to take on responsibility and quickly adjust to situations makes you the ideal leader - one that others have no problem approaching. Unfortunately, you might end up choosing your obligatory desires over your heart's desires one too many times and this can make you feel resentful or frustrated. However, a sense of stability will guide you through those days. Even when you aren't able to express your emotions clearly, being in a stable relationship with mutual respect for each other can help you ground yourself.


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The future is where you are headed with your innovative ideas and creative outlook. You're experimental and love a challenge, even if it may make you a bit uncomfortable. But stepping out of your comfort zone is just another challenge for you. The only challenge that seems more difficult to achieve is the one that involves actually feeling your emotions. You tend to think about your emotions instead of just letting it flow through. This can affect how you treat your partner, as this trait of yours may come off as emotional detachment. Which is why you look for a partner who can be a best friend as well because they will understand this side of you better than most.


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You are a mystery to others - one that everyone wants to unravel. But they don't know that the secret lies in your sensitive nature. You might struggle with putting your emotions into words but your empathic and psychic abilities can help you channel intuitive feelings and dreams into creative mediums like art, music, or dance. And the fluidity of those art forms translates into you being a dreamer, romantic and a highly compassionate person. It is because of this that "going with the flow" is easier for you than compared to most people. But that doesn't mean you aren't loyal. In fact, close ones know exactly how trustworthy you are and they appreciate that.

There is a certain specificity required when it comes to calculating your moon sign. You need to know the exact time of your birth as every two to two and a half days, the Moon changes signs, thus making it easier to find out what your sign is. If you want to find out what your moon sign is, visit Cafe Astrology.




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