Bride-to-Be Shocked after Mother-in-Law Shared She’s Going to Wear Her Wedding Dress to Her Son’s Wedding

Bride-to-Be Shocked after Mother-in-Law Shared She’s Going to Wear Her Wedding Dress to Her Son’s Wedding

She was hoping that the daughter-in-law would not tell her son about it either.

It's not common for mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law to get along. But, one mother-in-law took things to the next level when she opted to wear her own wedding dress to her son's wedding. 

Apparently, the couple who had decided on a date in November 2022 to get married, haven't even gotten around to pick their outfits for their own wedding, but the mother-in-law sent her son's partner a picture of her wedding gown, claiming this is what she's decided to wear for her son's wedding. 

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The bride-to-be shared images of her conversation with her beau's mom on Imgur, stating that she couldn't believe the woman's choice. "I am at an absolute loss of words right now," shared the woman. 

For those wondering what's so wrong with it, the first rule of any wedding is to not wear white, because it's the bride's color. The second one is to not propose to someone during another person's wedding. It is someone else's big day and it's just not okay to steal their thunder.

The woman was caught in a dilemma. She hadn't told her partner yet, since she's a "mamma's boy" and didn't want to stir up any drama. So, she offered to help her future MIL choose an outfit that goes with the color theme the couple had chosen, but the older woman argued that her decision was final, because "it’s her son’s wedding and she’s paying over half of it." 

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She also called her son's partner a "skank" and accused her of playing games with her, while also referring to her future daughter-in-law's family as"poor."

Left with no choice, the woman told her fiance´ about it. Immediately, he messaged his mom, calling her out for her irrational behavior, but it only backfired, because she blamed her son's partner for causing a rift between the two. 

She sent a screenshot of her son's message to the bride-to-be and asked her if she had no respect, given how they "graciously" accepted her into the family.

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Here's the thing, most brides would have lost their temper and lashed out at the woman for being completely unreasonable, but this lady still tried to explain to Sue, her future mom-in-law, that they had only one problem with her outfit, given how it was a "white wedding gown."

She then apologized to Sue for making her feel this way, before asking her to think of how her son, Mark, and her future daughter-in-law would feel on their big day about her outfit of choice.  

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Who do you think is being completely unreasonable here?





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