"Loving" Mum Accidentally Took Her Own Life After Tiff With Boyfriend | Baby Left Motherless For Life

"Loving" Mum Accidentally Took Her Own Life After Tiff With Boyfriend | Baby Left Motherless For Life

She was preparing for an exam to become a chartered accountant. Not only was she a successful profession, she was a doting mother too.

There are some things in this world that affect us deeply. And while trying to get past them, things may not turn out the way we've planned. Ella Lomas, a 24-year-old mother, hung herself in her house in Fair Oak, Hants, after she fought with her partner.

The mum-of-one was taking exams to become a chartered accountant alongside her job, even though she wasn't attending university, reported The Sun. But she thought her boyfriend wasn't giving her enough attention. At the inquest hearing in Winchester, Hants, they were told that the young woman was trying to “make a gesture” or was “crying out for help” with no intention of taking her own life.


A few days before the incident, Ella speaking to her mum confessed, “My level of expectation of how somebody should love me is too high. I do not think Bradley loves me anymore.”

In the statement, mother Lindsay Johnstone said, “She had been stressed recently, which was due to various things. She was the main breadwinner, a high-level accountant running a home. She had, unfortunately, failed an exam in January but she had already re-booked it for March 9, she had prepared herself for failing this in January.”

Ella's boyfriend, Bradley, in a written statement told the coroner the way they'd met and had a daughter together. He said, “Our relationship was perfect. We loved the simple things in life, as long as we were together." He added, “Ella had never done anything like this to make me worry about her in this way, which is why I think this was never meant to happen.”

Looking at the evidence, the area coroner Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, said, “From the moment they met, they were together all the time. He quite obviously absolutely adored her and felt that she was his soulmate." She then went on to explain that according to her, the boyfriend looked innocent and wanted to help her because "He feels that Ella took on too much."


She further revealed that Ella was a hardworking woman. “Bradley just feels this is a nightmare and one day he is going to wake up and it will not be true,” she added. Through Bradley's statement, it can be concluded that the pair had fought on the evening of March 5. Coroner Rosamund said, “That little bit of tension was noticed, there was not an argument. Then, when they got home Ella wanted to keep talking about things.”

Giving details of the night, she said that while Bradley chose to sleep on the sofa, Ella went to the bathroom and was heard pacing about inside by the friend who was there to babysit her daughter. Bradley asked her to "go to bed" as they would sort out the trouble the next day, but the next day never came.

In the early hours of March 6, after Edward found the body, the paramedics were informed who tried resuscitating her on the way to the hospital, according to the Medics, reported The Daily Mail. After trying vigorously to save Ella's life, the doctors asked the family to be by her side because she had no time left.

“At that point in time she did not feel Bradley loved her quite enough and they went on to have this little tiff, that would have perhaps blown over any other time in their relationship," said coroner Rosamund to Ella's mother.


She added, “It seems to me that whatever it was, a combination of pressures built up, she thought, ‘well stuff it, I am going to do this, I am going to make a gesture’. I could be wrong, but I do not see there is sufficient evidence that she intended to take her own life. It is more of a gesture or a cry for help.”

Ella's mother echoing the coroner, added, “She was just feeling needy. She had had a couple of drinks, she was feeling emotional.” In the statement submitted by the family, Lindsay said, “Ella is our beautiful daughter, partner, sister, grand-daughter, niece, and most importantly, mum to her little girl."

“Ella was extremely loving, caring, and family orientated. She was also driven and hard-working. At 24-years-old, she had already achieved so much both professionally and personally and she had so many plans for her future," she added.


In conclusion, Lindsay said, “Ella was not depressed or unhappy. As a family, we are 100 percent sure she did not intend, or want, to hurt herself or die.”

The ruling was labeled a misadventure by the coroner.




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