Mum Crushed After Her 1YO "Perfect Little Girl" Was Run Over by Neighbor's Car | "By the Time I Got There She Was... Gone"

Mum Crushed After Her 1YO "Perfect Little Girl" Was Run Over by Neighbor's Car | "By the Time I Got There She Was... Gone"

The mum was chatting with the neighbor when the baby girl wandered off on to the driveaway.

Our brain is made in such a way that it processes even the most complicated of things. The memories we make along the way as we begin our journey till we die are all stored in this little brain of ours. You must've heard about people who remember events that happened years ago as clear as day. How do you think that happens?

It's probably because the incident engraves itself so deep in their memory that even after thousands of other things happen, whether positive or negative, that one incident always finds a place to crawl back. The mother in this story is probably going to experience the same in the coming years.



Abbey Vella witnessed a horrific incident that she would never forget i.e. the death of her 1-year-old daughter. She saw her breathe her last as she lay on the driveway after the neighbor's car ran over the little girl. The incident took place on their townhouse complex in Blacktown, western Sydney, on October 20, 2020, reported The Sun.

"I will never forget the sound of my baby girl screaming out for the last time. Only a metre away from me but by the time I got there she was already gone," said Abbey.

The devastated mum explained that she was winding up the car windows right outside their house when the tragedy took place. Little Amelia was crushed under the car within seconds even before Abbey could react or protect.


Abbey immediately called up the emergency services. They arrived at the driveway on Kent Street, where the incident happened at around 7:20 p.m., but found that after the impact from the car, Amelia was in a critical condition. 

The paramedics gave little Amelia whatever treatment they could before she was taken to the Westmead Children's Hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital gave Abbey the news she didn't want to hear in a thousand years. Amelia didn't survive the accident. She wasn't the only one who was "heartbroken" by the passing of the little soul. The entire family was distraught. It would be hard for the family to overcome the grief of the untimely passing of their beautiful girl.

Abbey described her angel as "the youngest of a large blended family" who had "the world in front of her" and was everyone's sweetheart. "She loved her family, she would always ask for those she loved and enjoyed FaceTiming them when they weren't around," continued the grief-stricken mum.

"She was the most perfect little girl the world has ever known. She was and always will be so loved by everyone that was ever blessed with her presence," she added.   

Even though Amelia's family is still struggling to come to terms with their child's loss, they begged the public to show the driver who hit the little girl compassion and sympathy after the tragic accident. The 40-year-old neighbor was taken into shock therapy after the incident and was then driven over to Blacktown Hospital for mandatory drug and alcohol testing.

The little one's grandma recalled the toddler as a cheerful and cheeky child, who like all the kids, loved to dance. She then revealed that the traumatized neighbor was really close to the family, so close that they held regular game nights and celebrated all sorts of special events together.

Representational Image (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Westend61)

The grandma also disclosed that Abbey and the neighbor had been chatting when the ordeal took place, and none of them noticed that little Amelia had wandered off to the street. To make things even more disturbing, the driver initially thought that it was a toy that he had hit, which made his trauma after the incident even more brutal.

The police did their duty by investigating the crime scene and the circumstances surrounding the harrowing accident. One NSW Police spokesperson informed the Daily Mail Australia that no charges had been filed against the driver looking at the evidence but the inquiries are ongoing. A coroner is yet to prepare a report.



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