Mum Mourning Her Stillborn Son Stunned After Friend Demands Gifts to Be Returned So That She Can Give It to Someone Else

Mum Mourning Her Stillborn Son Stunned After Friend Demands Gifts to Be Returned So That She Can Give It to Someone Else

Not only did the woman ask the grieving mum for the gifts, but she also suggested that she pay her the amount for the gift if it can't be returned.

Under no normal circumstance would a person ask back for presents and goodies that they've gifted someone. What do you think? Can anybody do such a thing? Well, here's a story that will shock you to your core. A woman left her friend speechless when she demanded back the baby gifts that she had gifted her. What made it worse was that the friend had recently lost her baby to stillbirth at 29 weeks.

In the screenshots shared on Reddit of the Facebook post that the stunned mother posted, she wrote, "I didn't want to put this out here, but I have no choice," according to Kidspot. "(NAME CROSSED OUT) bought me some beautiful gifts for Benjamin for when he was born. A soft fleece blanket, a cuddly elephant, booties, some clothes, and a singing toy. I didn't ask for these things, as I said they were gifts," she continued.

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The grieving mother then revealed that her son Benjamin was born at 29 weeks and couldn't survive. "A week later (NAME CROSSED OUT) messages me asking if Benjamin used or touched the things she bought because if not... she wanted them back!" In the screenshots shared, it looks like the woman is concerned about the mother but soon it's clear that it was all an act.

She wrote, "Hey, hun just wondering if u used the bits n bobs I got for the baby? If not I can give them to Laura's little one. Hope your ok and resting up hun?" she began and continued, "Let me know hun before I buy more stuff, save a bit of money before Xmas, you know how it is."

Shocked by the messages, the mum replied, "I'm not doing OK. I'm heartbroken. I can't believe you're asking me at the moment, but yes I still have the things except for the blanket, he will be buried with it because it is warm and I thought it was stunning. I mean... I hope that's OK for you?!?"

The friend's reply just got crazier as she wrote, "Aww hun, sorry I know it's a tough time, I'm sorry. I just needed to know before I spend anymore, is there a chance you have another blanky for him, babe?" She then revealed the real reason why she wanted the gift back. "Like you said it's nice and warm, and Laura's baby can have use of that."

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To make the wounds hurt more than they already were, she told the mum that she was there for her whenever she wanted. "I've been having a tough time myself lately so I'm here online and on my phone all the time for u if you need to chat. Let me know though about the blanket quickly though," she wrote.

While the mum chose to ignore her friend's outrageous messages, the friend went on to suggest if she could pick up the gifts herself, according to The Sun. After enduring all the hurt, the enraged mum finally replied, "The blanket is in with Benjamin!"

She continued, "You can have the rest (of the things) I'll drop them off at yours, don't even think of coming here. My husband is fuming with these messages you are sending me a week after I lose my baby. They're packed in a bag... I'll leave them at yours. The blanket is with Benjamin he is having 'use' out of it thank you very much."

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The friend then tried to defend her demand by saying that she was going through some financial trouble and if the mum, mourning the death of her son, can't return the blanket, she should cover the blanket's cost. By this point, the mum understood that there was no point in arguing with a woman who didn't understand emotions and chose to ignore her and cut her out of her life.

Source: Reddit

The Redditors appreciated the mum's decision with one commenting, "Imagine harassing a grieving mother over stuff that amounts to pocket change." Another commented, "I'm appalled that not only did she do that, but she did it because she wanted to regift them to another person! To save a few pounds on Christmas gifts!"





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