Mum-To-Be Shocked After Mother-In-Law Steals Nursery Items by Breaking Into the House | "She's Been Making My Life Miserable"

Mum-To-Be Shocked After Mother-In-Law Steals Nursery Items by Breaking Into the House | "She's Been Making My Life Miserable"

The mother-in-law stole diapers, blankets, and other things from the nursery to set up her own baby room.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on August 14, 2020. It has since been updated.

Marrying someone is a leap of faith. It requires a lot of love and patience to maintain the relationship. It also requires acceptance, right? Accepting not just the things missing in your man which you only notice as years go by, but their family members too. And who does the family involve? Your mother-in-law. No matter how she is, you have to accept the woman in your life.


While some are lucky enough to find the perfect mother-in-law who fills in the shoes of their own mother, others are not that lucky. But what would you do if your loving mother-in-law changed into a thief? Here's a shocking story of a mum-to-be who could not believe what was happening to her.

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An anonymous woman shared her unbelievable story on Reddit and used the opportunity to rant about her mother-in-law's weird behavior. She revealed that their perfectly fine relationship changed when she became pregnant. She wrote, "I'm 7 months pregnant, she's been making my life miserable ever since, she'd call everyday to check on her unborn 'precious' grandbaby, she tried to talk me into going to the doctor's appointment with her, demanded that we send her sonogram picture of our baby and went nuts when we ignored her request."


She revealed on the r/JUSTNOMIL forum, that her husband being in the marketing field has to travel a lot and she finds herself alone at home most of the time. So, she decided to stay with her mom until his return.

"A few weeks ago, My mother in law called me and offered that we stay at her house after I give birth because my husband will have more trips in the upcoming months as well, and that I will need someone to help take care of our newborn baby," she wrote, but she told her mother-in-law that she preferred staying with her mom which wasn't taken well by her.


Explaining the situation she said, "My answer was clear, I told her, no, thank you, we've already discussed/arranged for that and decided that I will go over to my mom's after I get out of the hospital." But the pregnant woman's choice made the mom-in-law upset and she "got mad and jealous and threw a fit", going to the extent of badmouthing her mum saying she "was playing favorites and ignoring her."

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When the woman realized that "It's been so tiring constantly having to live with her drama while focusing on my pregnancy," she called up her mother-in-law and asked to let go of the matter as "she was literally stressing me out and making this whole damn thing about her needs and what suits her best, not for me and my baby's convenience." But little did she know the extent to which her mother-in-law could go, to get her way.


When the mum-to-be visited her home to pick up some things she noticed that a few things were missing from the baby's room that she had bought a week earlier. "I found that there was plenty of stuff missing, the mattress, blankets, clothes and diaper packs that I had bought last week, and other essential stuff that was gone as well, at first, I thought, my house had been robbed," she wrote.

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If it was not for the brother-in-law who revealed what had actually happened, she would have ended up calling the cops. "He told me that his mom showed up, took all those things and brought them to her house, and put them in the spare room that she had turned into a nursery in just a matter of two days," she wrote.


The anonymous woman was "stunned" by her mother-in-law's behavior which left her wondering "why would she do something like that?" She wrote, "I get it, she wants to force me and my baby to stay at her house for a few weeks and put together a nursery by stealing from my house." Instead of accepting what she'd done, the mother-in-law tried "sugar-coating" the situation. The woman divulged that she tried to reason with her saying she "won't have to move the nursery over to my mom's now and that she had everything set and organized, she even said that she bought other stuff for the baby that she couldn't wait to show me."

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Enraged by the whole ordeal, she "spent hours just yelling at her on the phone" but the mother-in-law called her "bitter" instead and accused her of "being rude to her while she was trying to help," reported The Sun. The mum-to-be revealed that breaking into her house and stealing the nursery items was the "final straw" and she was "done with her."


She wrote, "I'm just so done with this rude self-centered controlling b**** of a mother-in-law trying to dictate my life and my baby's life... I'm dropping the rope on her and her awful behavior and selfishness."

While the woman's husband said that he would take care of his mother and her erratic behavior, users of the forum suggested her to call the cops stating that breaking into someone's house and robbing their stuff is a crime no matter who the person is. Some did point out that calling the cops was her husband's decision since she was his mom. Can't argue with that, can we?