Mum Traumatized After Wild Monkeys Stole Newborn Twins From Their Beds | Locals Could Rescue Only One of Them

Mum Traumatized After Wild Monkeys Stole Newborn Twins From Their Beds | Locals Could Rescue Only One of Them

The police are not saying much and the case is still under investigation as the injuries found on the infants do not indicate they were attacked by monkeys.

We come across many kidnapping instances along with bizarre incidents but today's story is a mixture of both. Monkeys in India stole a pair of 8-day-old twins while they were sleeping.

The incident took place in the city of Thanjavur on Saturday, February 13. The devastated mother, R. Buvaneswari, was alone with the newborns when the incident took place. She told the local media that monkeys broke into the house through the roof and snatched the babies. One of the girls was later found lifeless in a moat behind her house.


The local news reported that according to the mother, the monkeys entered the house and took the babies along with them. She was terrified when she saw the wild monkeys on the roof of her house and started screaming. It's only later that she noticed that her babies were not on their beds, reported The Sun.

The 26-year-old woman said that a monkey was sitting on the roof with one of the girls when the neighbors came to help. Seeing the mom in distress, the neighbors jumped to help get the babies from the roof. Unfortunately, they could retrieve only one of them.

The mother claimed that when the incident happened she was alone at home with the twins while her husband had gone to work with their 5-year-old girl. She said she was on her way to the bathroom when she heard some commotion from where the babies were sleeping and rushed back to find them missing. That's when she saw that the monkeys had lifted the roof tiles and taken the infant girls out through there.

The police were called and they found the second baby girl floating in the moat behind the house. When the paramedics reached the sight, they declared the little soul dead. The baby's body was taken for an autopsy, and the surviving girl was rushed to a hospital for treatment. However, it should be noted that police are saying an investigation is underway as the babies did not have injuries consistent with monkey attacks.

The forest ranger, G. Jothikumar told The Times of India that this kidnapping by the monkeys is “rarest of rare” as it's difficult for monkeys to remove roof tiles, reported The Daily Mail. "There is no bruise or scratch or dislocation of joints," he said adding that it is too early to come to any conclusions.


The Sun reported that two years ago another newborn baby was taken away by a monkey and was later found at the bottom of a well covered in scratches. As per the outlet, the 16-day-old baby from a village of Talabasta in eastern India was sleeping beside his mother when he was snatched away from her, leading to a search by police and 2,000 locals. The baby was then found in the well.

"The baby was sleeping next to its mother when the monkey allegedly carried him away. The mother immediately raised cries for help but the creature fled with the baby and disappeared from her view," PC Pradhan had said.

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Skouatroulio

In November 2019 alone, two monkey attacks claimed the lives of a 12-day-old baby and a 58-year-old woman in Agra, India. In the first attack, the monkey broke into a woman's home while she was breastfeeding her 12-day-old baby and bit it to death. In the second attack, the monkey bit the 58-year-old woman, and she bled to death as well, reported The Daily Mail.




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