Murder Mystery Continues: Still No Arrests Made After Michigan Mother Was Shot and Her Body Was Set on Fire

Murder Mystery Continues: Still No Arrests Made After Michigan Mother Was Shot and Her Body Was Set on Fire

The 36-year-old was a stay-at-home mother who was also a loving wife and sister.

Losing someone unexpectedly is hard enough but it's harder when the reason for the loss is unknown. It is heartbreaking to hear when fathers, mothers, children have been ripped away from their loved ones in the name of revenge or reasons small enough to be resolved with proper confrontation.

There must be so many questions brimming inside the minds of the five kids from whom their loving mother was taken away, in the most heartwrenching manner. The things they must be feeling cannot be imagined, reported People.

In a tragic incident, Michigan resident Heidi E. Dowd was shot to death and then her body was burnt. The 36-year-old mother from West Branch, Michigan was a mother of five kids. Authorities are still to arrest the suspect in her killing.


Bay County Sheriff Troy Cunningham, in a talk with ABC12, revealed that Heidi's death is the very first homicide that the Sheriff’s Office has come across and is investigating this year. He also revealed that the department has been working across the state with several police agencies. The help was required in the beginning mainly to identify Heidi's body because of the damage caused by the burning. 

It took the department a week to identify Heidi's body and now they've dedicated their time towards finding the killer. Heidi, who was a stay-at-home mom, was found lifeless miles away from where she lives. The police have been unsuccessful in figuring out who killed her or why she was killed which makes this case even more mysterious.

Her body was discovered in West Neuman Road which is in Mount Forest Township, west of Pinconning in northern Bay County, by the owner of the property. She was found around 1:30 p.m on August 17, behind an abandoned school building. Investigators confirmed about her being shot and then burnt which was initially found in the autopsy.


Cunningham also disclosed that Heidi's body must have been at the location for less than a week before it's discovery. What's more disturbing is that no one reported her missing during the time she was gone. It is also unclear whether her purse, cell phone, and personal items were found near her body or not.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by organizer and friend of the family Teagan Hensley, in order to raise money for Heidi's funeral. She described her death as a "horrific tragedy." She also wrote that Heidi was a "loving mother, wife, daughter and sister" who was loved by many and will be missed. Due to her sudden death, her family is looking for some help with funeral and final expenses." They have successfully collected $1,957 out of the goal of $5,000.

The online obituary described Heidi as a great wife and mother who loved spending time with her family. It read, "Heidi enjoyed spending time with family and friends, decorating for the holidays, reading and listening to music." She is survived by her husband Charles Noble Dowd and children, Jacob, Zachary, Nathaniel, Shelby, Kiaus, her mother, siblings, and close relatives.


The investigators have requested anyone who has information about Heidi's disappearance and her whereabouts around August 17 to contact the Bay County Sheriff at (989) 895-4050.






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