This Giant, Inflatable "Christmas Vacation" RV Is the Best Decoration You Could Get This Festive Season

This Giant, Inflatable "Christmas Vacation" RV Is the Best Decoration You Could Get This Festive Season

Remember the 1980s and the funny Christmas films starring Chevy Chase with this new holiday decor.

It is that time of the year again. The holiday spirit is catching on and everybody is looking at decorating their houses and yards to sprinkle some festivity around. If you are one of those who takes delight in decorating your yard and enjoy experimenting with quirky decorations, then Home Depot's latest holiday launch is perfect for you. 

The Christmas Vacation inflatable RV combines nostalgia, fun, and aesthetics with the right amount of holiday cheer. The cheerful RV could make you feel like you are on an adventure like the Griswold family. And this is unarguably one of the best gifts for fans of Chevy Chase starrer National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, which follows the hilarious events that happen to the Griswold family around Christmas. 


Of course, it would have been if you could drive the RV around. But something about the charming vehicle is right, as people are willing to pay $199 to have it parked on their yard. After all, the Griswold family decorations are incomplete without Cousin Eddie's (played by Randy Quaid) mud-speckled RV parked on the front yard. 

The inflatable product's accuracy is beyond amazing. The RV is 4-foot-tall and has faux mud on the wheels along with giant spots of rust. The decor item has a waste disposal hose curled up behind a rear wheel to remind you of the scene where cousin Eddie empties waste from the RV into the sewer drain.  At least, this RV's hose won't explode like it did in the film. 


The windows along with the blue curtains add to the charm, and there is a single string of string lights that around the entire vehicle. The chirpy wreaths with red bows on the side door and the front of the RV add the festive touch. The lights are energy-efficient LED lights. Plus, the best part is it is self-inflatable. All you need to do is plug it in and use the stakes to keep it in place on your yard. And since it deflates completely, you can put it away and store it at ease.

If you have enough space inside your house, it can be a great decor for indoors as well. Kids are definitely the most excited bunch from the responses and photos we see going around. It also makes the perfect photo backdrop. 

Home Depot

The product seems to have some great reviews from customers. One of the reviewers said, "This is well done and brings back the memories of Clark and Ellen and their adventure. I would not limit this to Christmas however as it is done up in fall colors and we will incorporate it in our Halloween display as well. The fan base includes four feet to elevate it. Stakes are also included for use as tie-downs if there is a breeze. The RV inflates rather quickly. It is lighted both internally as well as with a string of lights on the outside. With proper care it should last several seasons." 




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