Octogenarian Couple Celebrate 60th Anniversary Together With Beautiful Photo Shoot in Original Wedding Clothes

Octogenarian Couple Celebrate 60th Anniversary Together With Beautiful Photo Shoot in Original Wedding Clothes

The lovely couple from Nebraska got married in 1960 in their twenties. They grew up during the Depression period and share similar values.

(Representational Image) Source: Getty Images | Photo by Adene Sanchez

Few people are lucky enough to spend a lifetime with their partner. They find true love and give it their everything. Resilience, trust, understanding, and compromise might be the cornerstones of their relationship and there is one couple from Nebraska, US who are proving that to the world.

Marvin and Lucille Stone celebrated their 60th anniversary recently with a very special photoshoot. The photos were so heartwarming that they went viral. In the photos, captured by photographer Katie Autry, the couple wore their original wedding outfits. It even included the dress handsewn by the bride herself. The skilled dressmaker revealed what part of the dress took the most effort too.


"The thing that took the longest was making 52 buttons that are on the sleeves and down the back," said Lucille to Nebraska.tv.



The photographer shared the images on her page and said that it "may be one of my favorite sessions to date!" And you can't help but agree with her! "These two lovebirds even wore their original wedding attire for the session (Lucille made her dress)! When I asked them both what their secret to a lasting marriage was they had the following advice.
1. Work hard
2. Be kind to one another
3. Think before you speak
4. Rely on each others strengths to overcome your weakness
5. Stay strong in your faith
What an amazing example these two are of true love standing the test of time. I am so glad to have met them, and honored to have captured these memories for them. Happy Anniversary Marvin and Lucille !! Cheers" said Katie.



Marvin and Lucille got married in 1960, at the age of almost 29 and 22 respectively, at a little Lutheran church in Sterling, Nebraska. The groom called it "a typical wedding." He explained saying, "We had a pastor who was in his first ceremony wedding... and he was a little shook but he did it and we were married."


The moment was so emotional that Lucille's father cried. "He was the only one that cried," said Lucille. "My mother beamed and they both thought Marvin was just perfect, and that does help when your parents like the person that you’re marrying."



One of the most important things in their marriage is their similar core values having grown up during the Great Depression. "We’re both pretty conservative. We were depression children. He was born at the beginning of the '30s and I came along a few years later for my parents as kind of a surprise baby," said Lucille to Nebraska.tv.

"We both had farm backgrounds. We both were free enterprise people and we had similar goals in life and we were both in teaching," said Marvin. "We had already been in teaching for a while and we were just kind of together in our concepts of what to do and what direction to go and so forth.”


The happy couple went on to have three children and have been able to spend 60 years of togetherness. Their family told the news outlet that not only are their values intact but so is their love. However, Marvin pointed out that they didn't always see eye-to-eye.



"We don’t always agree but we have the main focus that we’ve always had, so it just kind of moves along," said Marvin. "We have had similar values and so it has worked out pretty well and, I don't know, we never spent any time considering separating."

"From day one we have assumed marriage is forever," said Lucille. "You do what you have to do and by no means have we been perfect in our marriage. We’ve had arguments. We’ve had disagreements, but on the big things we’re pretty much on the same track."


The couple shared their sage advice and said it's important to learn to avoid worry and going with the flow. They further added that communicating is important for a good marriage. "Use the resources that you have and don’t expect to have everything that you might want," said Lucille. "Focus on the needs along the way and keep the faith keep a positive attitude and do your best."

Now, who can beat this sunny attitude? We hope that they can spend many more years together!