What the New Moon of March 2020 Could Mean for Healing the Soul

What the New Moon of March 2020 Could Mean for Healing the Soul

As Chiron and the lunar nodes of the moon come together, your karmic wounds will come out... but you'll heal.

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As the new moon of March 2020 approaches on the 24th of the month, it brings with it an energy that is special and one that gives you the power to finally focus on you and your own mental health, though the journey through your healing might be painful. But the satisfaction you get out of it might be more than you expected.

What's so different about this new moon?

The Aries new moon conjunct* Chiron (an asteroid) exposes wounds from your past life that you may have to experience as well as bring pain from new wounds, according to Astrology King. This new moon represents a time of fear, inhibition, and restraint, which considering the current coronavirus pandemic, seems to be a given.


However, Chiron is also a healer. It will help center your thoughts on how to heal yourself, each other and the planet, something that will be needed extensively as the pandemic leaves people in grief, loneliness, and sickness. You may find yourself having to take care of a loved one or finding new ways to nurture your own soul, especially if you've been neglecting yourself. And Chiron will guide you and stay by your side until you feel whole again.



How is this new moon going to affect us?

You might find your emotions running high during this time period. After all, this is the fiery Aries' moment to shine and this could influence you. You could find that even if you're not the type of person to share emotions like anger and sadness openly, you might just be feeling it even more intensely. And that makes it important for you to find a healthy outlet in which you can let it all out. Whenever you're feeling like you're spinning out of control and are ready to explode, just take a minute to compose yourself. It might not be easy but take decisions from a place of peace and calm. Avoid being impulsive and think things through because what you do now could impact your life later on in the year.


The number 4 is also essential during this new moon as it represents the self. According to Forever Conscious, this New Moon falls at 4 degrees of Aries. During this time, you might find yourself drawn to ways to feel at home within your soul. You might see yourself connecting better with who you are as a person and learning how to embrace what makes you special.


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The lunar nodes play a role too

According to Astrology King, the lunar nodes of the moon** represent karmic crossroads and how you treat your past will affect how you go into your future. There is a tendency to stay stuck in negative emotional thought processes which could lead to problems arising in your relationship and cause you to self-isolate. You might also find yourself worrying about your future and a sense of anxiety, guilt, and fear, as you dig deeper into buried memories, could leave you feeling truly low.


But with the new moon comes a chance to also start fresh. It won't be easy to leave behind your past. The sacrifices you make for that action might cause you to feel like you need to give up. However, difficult decisions about loved ones and things you're emotionally connected to have to be made in order for you to move on.

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It's in this process that you will see the people who genuinely care about you stay and good habits that you've inculcated will make you feel at peace with yourself. You may also see an increase in your ability to identify those who are trying to hold you back from fulfilling your destiny, even if you aren't clear about what it is yourself. But with Chiron and the lunar nodes coming into play, you won't lack the guidance and support you need to reach your purpose.


If you need advice at any time, you are your best answer. Your intuition will steer you into the right path without losing the ones you love. Additionally, this change, as long as you accept it, will help you find people who will look out for you and want you to be able to heal your soul.

As turbulent as this might seem, weathering this storm will help you come out stronger on the other side. And this won't just benefit you but those around you as well.

Key terms:

*Conjuct: Conjunct heavenly bodies tend to mix their respective energies together in order to help influence our behaviors, thoughts, and actions, according to Refinery 29

**Lunar nodes: The lunar nodes of the moon are split into two — north and south. According to Astrostyle, "The north node represents our karmic paths and the lessons we came here to learn—or the language we are learning to speak. The south node reveals the challenges and gifts we bring in from previous lifetimes." Find out your lunar nodes here








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