Olivia Newton-John Thought She Would Never Be a Mom Following Multiple Miscarriages | "Each Time My Heart Was Broken"

Olivia Newton-John Thought She Would Never Be a Mom Following Multiple Miscarriages | "Each Time My Heart Was Broken"

Her struggle with miscarriages didn't end even after she had her first child, Chloe.

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Many women want to experience the joy of motherhood at one point or the other. They feel special because they're the only ones who can bring beautiful souls into the world. Much like many of us, celebs, too take delight in being called "mum."

Born in England, Newton-John was a well-known artist who performed in the clubs of England and the television during the 1960s, according to Biography. She went on to win the Grammy Awards for her hits I Honestly Love You and Let's Get Physical. What got her face printed across tabloids was her role as Sandy in the 1978 film adaptation of Grease that also starred John Travolta.



After her singing career started dwindling, she started her own clothing line, which did exceptionally well. She got everything she ever wanted. Then she wanted to start a family and wished to have babies who called her mom. But there was a phase in her life when she thought she could never become one.


In her memoir, Don't Stop Believing, the actress opened up about her struggle with pregnancy. She revealed that before the birth of her daughter, Chloe, she suffered from multiple miscarriages that left her broken-hearted, reported Fabiosa.


Expressing her devastation while going through losses one after the other, she wrote, "Each time my heart was broken." While awaiting the birth of her daughter, Newton-John was closely monitored by the doctors because at the age of 38 she was considered “an older mother.”

After experiencing miscarriages in the past, she feared that things could go wrong with her pregnancy but as time went by she learned to leave all her worries in the past and planned for the future. She saw herself happy with her baby there.


Life chose to award her with happiness for all the effort she took to start a new chapter in her life, and Chloe Lattanzi was born. Though a few weeks premature, she was everything Newton-John wanted. But with happiness comes a little dose of sadness; the Grease star's encounter with miscarriages didn't stop. But she says she's not complaining because she has her daughter.



"I had a beautiful child," she wrote and continued, "And if I never have another child, I’m blessed already. I can’t complain." For her, having Lattanzi was no less than a miracle, and she is grateful for it. She loves her only child more than anything in the world and cherishes every moment with her. Lattanzi is “the greatest pleasure and achievement” of her life. 


The two share a very special bond and have been there through each other's ups and downs. While Lattanzi helped Newton-John get through all her turmoils in life that included a painful divorce, the actress, too, supported the child star in her battle with addiction.

The 32-year-old wrote an emotional tribute to her mom in Now To Love for Women's Day back in 2018 where she revealed that her mother helped her have a rebirth. "We both struggled - me with addiction, anxiety, and anorexia, and Mum with feeling helpless during my darkest hours," she wrote, as reported by The Daily Mail.



Explaining how it was a difficult time for both, she wrote, "For my mum, it was also a terribly hard time. She felt powerless and didn't know what to do. We were just talking about it and she said to me, 'I did everything I could. I sent you to every specialist, every person I thought might be able to help. I told her, 'You know Mum, all I really needed was you.''

Back in 2013 during an interview with The Daily Mail, Lattanzi has confessed that visit to rehab was because of her addiction to cocaine, alcohol, and antidepressants.

Giving a reality check about being a star kid, she said, "Fame totally messes you up. I don't blame my mother for my problems, but I would never want to be famous or raise a child of my own around the cult of celebrity. It ruins lives."  Talking about what she's learned from her experience, she added, "If there's one thing I've learned, it is that you can't be fragile in this business, or else you end up like Lindsay Lohan."

Newton-John addressed Lattanzi's personal struggles during an interview on 60 Minutes in 2016. She said, "I think it's hard to be the child of a person in the limelight, I really understand that. There's privilege but there's also other things that come along with that."