9-Day-Old Baby Dolphin Dies While Performing Tricks at a Water Park Because She Was ‘Overworked’

9-Day-Old Baby Dolphin Dies While Performing Tricks at a Water Park Because She Was ‘Overworked’

While the reason of her death is still unclear, critics say the performance schedule of the dolphinarium is to blame.

According to Daily Mail, a baby dolphin died in the middle of a performance at a Bulgarian water park for allegedly being overworked.

It has been reported by local news outlets that the dolphin was only nine days old and gradually became unresponsive while performing to a packed house of spectators. Moments later, the audience at the Varna Dolphinarium was hurriedly rushed out.

One member of the audience, Bisser Lyubenov, told  BTV Novinite, "There was a disturbance, the dolphins stopped playing and performing tricks."



While the reason for its death has not surfaced, it is being reported by critics that the hectic schedule and the conditions of the dolphinarium are to blame. An autopsy has been conducted on the dolphin which has confirmed that she was in perfect health with all her organs being totally healthy and functional.

It is plausible that it was stressed and mentally affected by being separated from her mother at a young age. It was also reported that she was made to perform with adults earlier this month.  

A Twitter user wrote, "Do you seriously suggest this tiny pool is a place to live for dolphins? Trapped in there for selfish people’s entertainment! This is a dolphinarium in Varna, Bulgaria. Recently a 9-day old baby dolphin died there, apparently during a performance."

The Varna Dolphinarium makes sea creatures perform four-times a day during the peak summer season, which is too many, according to environmentalists. According to BBC. "The animals are struggling there, they are not surviving."


Five dolphins and a seal are said to have died at the resort over the last five years, according to Yavor Gechev, from the animal protection organization Four Paws. "This means categorically that conditions don't meet even the minimal standards for keeping such animals."


Tsvetan Stanev, a biologist suggests that separation from its mother is one of the reasons for the death of the baby dolphin. "You can't have a mother leaving its child in order to take part in the show. This can happen about six months after birth. A baby dolphin taking part in performances nine days after it was born - this has never happened in this dolphinarium!"


After this incident, the dolphinarium is receiving major flak from all around the globe. A petition demanding the closure of the park is being circulated on social media.


"Saw the show once and I'm still horrified about the way the dolphins get treated! It's clear that a big profit is made at the expense of the animals who are forced to perform too often," wrote a Facebook user. It is also being pointed out that 70% of dolphins born and bred in captivity don't make it beyond six months of their lives.