6 Types of Markings on Your Palm That Show the Challenges and Achievements Lying Ahead in Life

6 Types of Markings on Your Palm That Show the Challenges and Achievements Lying Ahead in Life

The lines and small markings on your palm can foretell some of the challenges and good phases in your life and knowing this will make it easier to prepare.

There is a lot that palmistry can reveal about one's personality. Some of those things might be things we know about ourselves but others might be things that surprise you about yourself. Palmistry is an ancient practice and can be divided into two branches: chirognomy and chiromancy. The former is a study of the shape of the hands, color, shape & texture of the palm, fingers, and thumb but the latter is a study of the lines of the palm.

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However, there aren't only lines on our palms, there are markings too. They have unique meanings and indicate the positive and negative things that might influence our life. The meaning is completely dependent on where they are placed on the hands.

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Listed below are the most common ones and what they mean: 

1. Grilles


Also known as grids, these appear most often on the fleshy and raised part of the palms, called mounts. They are a sign of negative influences and represent problems and adjustments in your life. These are a sign of confusion and insecurity. They show that the person could face some challenges in getting ahead in life. They can also mean beginnings and problems with regards to them. It also pertains to someone who is constantly tired by the many anxieties of life.

2. Stars


If these star-like markings are visible in your palm, then it means that success and good fortune is up ahead. At what point that might happen depends on where on the hand it is placed. However, the star is an indication of a vast change in people's lives. When it shows up at the end of a line, it means that there will be fame and accomplishments. It can also indicate that you will have successful relationships.

3. Crosses


These markings show long-lasting issues and also great changes in a person's life. Whether the change will be good or bad for you, depends on where on the palm they appear. The negative significance of the cross is that there are others who will cause problems to you. It can also mean that there are external influences that are causing you anxiety and stress. These can indicate your mental state of being and your spiritual health.

4. Tridents


If you have one of these on your palm, it can be a marking of a lucky period entering your life. Whether it's on a line or a mount on your hand, it will enhance whatever those mean. It also has such a positive influence that whatever mounts it is around, has an enhanced effect. This is basically the harbinger of happiness, health, and wealth in people's lives. It is believed to bring good fortune in threes.

5. Branches


There are multiple markings that fall into this category. They might look like tassels, upward lines or downward lines. If you see a tassel-like feature on your palm, it can mean confusion, chaos, and difficulties around one situation. It can also mean a physical, emotional or spiritual difficulty in one's life. An upward branched line will show that you have overcome certain challenges in your life while downward lines will show negative influences. It could mean that some situation is out of your control.

6. Bracelet lines


These lines appear on the wrist and there could be more than one. Also known as rascette lines, they are considered minor lines. Most people have these lines but only a few rare and lucky ones have four, which indicates a long life. The more solid and deep these lines are they mean a healthy life. However, when there are markings on that line it can mean different things. If the first bracelet line has chains while the others are clear, it can show that the person will have a life of hard work and difficulty in the early years but will have good fortune later. When the second bracelet line is clear and defined, it shows financial prosperity and a life of joy. A clear third bracelet line indicates that you will have some influence in a community and will be well-known among peers.





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