Parents Abandon Sons Aged 3 & 2, Naked and Barefoot, at Homeless Camp as They "Got Tired of Looking After the Boys"

Parents Abandon Sons Aged 3 & 2, Naked and Barefoot, at Homeless Camp as They "Got Tired of Looking After the Boys"

The little boys were dumped by their parents in the homeless camp just because they were tired and wanted some rest.

Trigger Warning: Disturbing content

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on December 10, 2021.

Being blessed with a kid is a wish for many couples around the world. While some offer prayers, others settle for other options. Those who become parents can't think of being away from their piece of heart even for a second and work hard to provide them with unconditional love along with the best in the world. But some don't appreciate these gifts of god enough and leave them in a cruel and strange world, alone. Don't believe us? Well, here's a true story for you.

A Ukrainian couple abandoned their toddlers at a homeless camp for their selfish desire. They wanted to "get some rest" and deserting their young ones was the best they could do. Maskim, 2, and elder brother Andrey, 3, were left to fend for themselves for a week where they survived by scouring edible waste food items from little bins and drinking river water. Even the fellow homeless men of the camp couldn't look away from the heartrending condition of the kids and fed them with whatever little food they had for themselves.


Explaining the situation to the Daily Mail, a 42-year-old vagrant, Sergey revealed, "A young couple came and asked to look after their children. The boys were completely naked and barefooted. The parents said they would go to a shop to buy some food and be back in 20 minutes. Then they went away and never came back."

We might think that the boys' safety was at risk around the other homeless people. They proved everyone wrong, the occupants of the camp watched out for the safety of the little boys roaming without clothes in and around the camp. While the vagrants looked after the kids, Olena Tashevska, a passerby saw the kids and informed the police on August 26, 2019.

Tashevska narrated her side of the story while talking to the local media and said, "I had leisure time and went to the Dnipro river. I was looking for a place to sunbathe when I stumbled on the hobos' camp. I was terrified to see two little boys lying there on filthy blankets. They were naked and extremely dirty. I immediately called the police."


The police officials soon reached the scene along with the ambulance and paramedics who took care of the boys and clothed them after an examination.

Dina Kurnikova, a spokesperson of the police department compared the kids' living conditions to that of "Mowgli" from The Jungle Book. She said, "The children lived like 'Mowgli' boys. They did not wear any clothes and drank water from the river. The boys were constantly hungry and foraged for food on the nearest beach delving into litter bins." The two innocent boys were diagnosed with cold and malnutrition at the hospital after a thorough check-up.

Revealing more about Andrey and Maskim's health, Taisa Klimenko, the pediatrician at Zaporizhia Children's Hospital said that the boys were so weak that they couldn't even walk. She divulged, "The boys suffer from viral infectious disease and malnutrition. They are weak now and barely can walk. The children know their names and ages. They do not ask at all about their parents."


Looking at the glum situation of the toddlers, one would think why would somebody do such a thing to such young kids? The police officials searched for the parents of the boys once they were found. The mother Bozhena Synychka, 20 and father Volodymyr Zaitsev, 25, admitted that the duo decided to leave their kids and cut all ties with them because "they got tired of looking after the boys and needed to have some rest."

Synychka and Zaitsev, who made their living by selling scavenged scrap metal in the market are now under criminal investigation for failing to fulfill their parental duties, as per The Irish Mirror. If found guilty they would face 5 years in prison for negligent acts as parents. The horrendous act of the parents has raged anger in the hearts of everyone who came across the incident.


The local social service has also planned to sue the parents for their deed while the law is trying to get the boys justice that they deserve. Andrey and Maksim have been placed in an orphanage until the court comes to a decision.




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