Can You Find the Dog Hidden Amongst the Polar Bears in This Mind-Boggling Brainteaser?

Can You Find the Dog Hidden Amongst the Polar Bears in This Mind-Boggling Brainteaser?

It's not as easy as one might think but try hard and you might be able to solve it and that can also help keep your brain sharp.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 19, 2019. It has since been updated.

If you like the popular brainteaser known as Where's Waldo, then you'll love this new brainteaser that has the internet struggling to solve. Though it might seem tedious at first, it's images like these that can prove to be a good source of entertainment, whether you're on your own or with friends and family. Not to mention, it can provide a great workout for your brain. And now there's a new one taking the internet by storm. It's one that is perfect for this Christmas season and it was created by the folks at Canine Cottages.


Who or what is Canine Cottages? Well, according to Insider, it is a service created to provide dog-friendly houses for those traveling in the UK as well as city guides for pet parents. But even cooler than that, they have come up with a new holiday-themed puzzle that truly tickles the brain. In the picture they released, it seems like there's just polar bears everywhere, some with Christmas hats, and all of them cute. However, hidden amongst them is another furry friend and the challenge for viewers is to find out where he is.


While introducing the puzzle on their website, they said, "Adorable little Frenchie Pierre has joined his humans on a trip to the North Pole to visit Santa Paws, but got distracted by the hundreds of polar bears having a Christmas party in the Arctic! After deciding to join in with the fun and make some new furry friends, he’s got lost in the crowd - and it’s up to you to find him." So let's see if you can find the charming canine.



Did you spot him? No? Peer harder.

According to Canine Cottages, the average time to find Pierre was 2 minutes and 49 seconds. So can you beat that time?

Still couldn't spot him? Let's help you out a bit.

Here's where the little Frenchie was hiding amongst his furry, white friends. If you found him, give yourself a pat on the back because this wouldn't have been easy.

Canine Cottages

It's a good thing you kept looking because solving brainteasers can also be great for your mental health. According to NeuroNation, such brain games can improve the memory of people with mild cognitive impairments, including those showing the first signs of dementia.


And tell us in the comments, what was your time?