So Long, Farewell: 15 Photos of the Royal Family Coming Together to Bid Adieu to Prince Philip at His Funeral

So Long, Farewell: 15 Photos of the Royal Family Coming Together to Bid Adieu to Prince Philip at His Funeral

Prince Philip was given a funeral based on the royal family's traditions. The day brought his loved ones together to honor him.

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The funeral of Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, brought the British royal family together on April 17, 2021. Those not living in the country, like Prince Harry, and those who had fallen from grace, like Prince Andrew, were present at the event. The family was also plagued with rumors about the discord between Harry and his elder brother, Prince William. However, it looks like all hatchets were reportedly buried and the gossip about their family drama was put a stop to.


The funeral took place at St. George's Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle and it was the first time all of them came together publicly in over a year. The 99-year-old Prince Philip was laid to rest in an event restricted to 30 guests. The Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II were married for more than 73 years. The latter had to sit alone during the service due to coronavirus restrictions. 


Here are some photos from the intimate event of the royal family: 

1. The lonely monarch


2. The final walk



3. The last post


4. Honoring the man of service



5. The procession for the Duke of Edinburgh


6. Bringing the family together



Prince Harry and Prince William seem to have reconciled and were prioritizing their family. 

7. A son's last farewell to his father


8. A heartbroken son



Prince Charles looked visibly upset after losing his father, with whom he had a fraught relationship in his younger times. 

9. Duchess dignified


Kate Middleton was poise and elegance personified, being a supportive wife and daughter-in-law.


10. A daughter bids farewell


Princess Anne, the only daughter of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, walked in the funeral procession to honor her father even though, historically, processions are only for men.

11. The prodigal grandson


12. A brother's love


13. Her father's favorite


14. R.I.P Prince Philip


15. Moving ahead


Farewell, Prince Philip.




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