28 Spectacular Photos of Princess Diana and the Royals Celebrating Christmas Over the Years

28 Spectacular Photos of Princess Diana and the Royals Celebrating Christmas Over the Years

Princess Diana was truly the light to look at during Christmas and right up until her passing, she remained the bright star on the Christmas tree.

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Princess Diana Archive

As Christmas is less than three weeks away, you might be running around for the shopping, setting up the trees, looking for the baubles and preparing recipes for the family dinner. And just as spending these moments with loved ones and enjoying the decor is essential, it is the same for the royal family as well, albeit with a bit more pomp and extravagance. Of them all Princess Diana seemed to be the most stunning. Well, here are 29 pictures of the royals enjoying Christmas and the smiles on their faces speak of joy and happiness — the true spirit of the holiday.


1. 1981 


2. 1981 



3. 1982


4. 1982



5. 1983


6. 1985



7. 1987


8. 1987



9. 1987


10. 1989



11. 1990


12. 1991



13. 1993


14. 1994


15. 1994


16. 1996


But Princess Diana wasn't the only one who looked stunning during Christmas. Here are some of the photos of the royal family celebrating Christmas. 

17. 1988 - Prince Harry


18. 1990 - Prince Harry and Prince William


19. Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret



20. 1998 - Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother


21. 2012 - Queen Elizabeth


Her Royal Highness smiles as she receives flowers from young well-wishers on Christmas Day.

22. 2014 - Kate Middleton


The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton helps wrap Christmas presents at the Northside Center for Child Development in New York City.

23. 2016 - Prince William


The Prince decorates a gingerbread house at a Christmas party for volunteers at the Mix youth service.

24. 2017 - Prince William


The Prince handed Santa his son, Prince George's Christmas list.

25. 2017 - Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle


26. 2018 - Meghan Markle


27. 2018 - Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle


The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex step out for a royal walk to the St. Mary's Magdalene Church in Sandringham for the annual Christmas gathering. 

28. 2019 - Prince William and Kate Middleton