15 Photos That Prove Prince Harry Is the Cutest Royal Prankster Ever

15 Photos That Prove Prince Harry Is the Cutest Royal Prankster Ever

As far as Harry is concerned, rules and propriety out the window. He isn't afraid to show his fun and mischievous side to the world, and that is probably why Meghan fell for him.

Over the years, Prince Harry has earned the reputation of being a funny guy who loves pulling a prank. And why not? He learned from the best! His mother, Princess Diana, was famously described by him as the "naughtiest parent." She was always up for having fun and wanted her children to grow up having fun as well. From joining them in the rides at a water park to allowing them to drive around inside the palace, she let them be mischievous instead of being stiff and formal.

Her mischievous spirit made her one of the "naughtiest parents," Prince Harry said in a documentary Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy. "Our mother was a total kid through and through...and she had a crazy laugh [which] was just pure happiness," he added.

While Prince Harry has had his fill of fun, he has also gotten into trouble for his pranks once in a while. But that did not dim his sense of humor. However, it has become more nuanced.

Here are 15 times Prince Harry was funny beyond imagination:

1. When he ran for Sport Relief in Brazil, wearing a mask of his brother's face


2. When he danced his heart out in Chile



3. When this close brush with wildlife left him screaming



4. When he gave prosthetic limbs too much thought


5. When he left a mark


6. When even his mom did not know how to make the little man behave


7. He sure knows how to play the crowd


8. When he convinced the Queen for a mic drop


9. When he pranked a little kid swiping his popcorn


10. When he raced Usain Bolt for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee tour


11. When he became a child with the children


12. When Prince Harry and David Cameron were given "look-alike" dolls


13. When he just couldn't keep it in


14. When a boy was clearly not pleased by his funny face


15. When he put on a "Down Under" speedo on TV








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