Pick a Card From the Spirit Animal Oracle Deck to Know What Message Your Animal Spirit Has for You in 2020

Pick a Card From the Spirit Animal Oracle Deck to Know What Message Your Animal Spirit Has for You in 2020

Much love and gratitude to these creatures that have shed light on our lives.

The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck

The following readings may apply to anybody reading them, irrespective of your zodiac sign, age, and sex. The messages given below may apply to you in your individual endeavors, to your relationships (both romantic and otherwise), or even to your career. The area of life these messages apply to might vary from person to person.

Upon meditating on this beautiful The Spirit Animal Oracle deck by Colette Baron Reid, and shuffling, these were the 6 cards that I drew for you. The universe deemed these most applicable to those of you reading this right now. Now, all you have to do is pick a card:

Pick a card to find out what your spirit animal for 2020 is

These animal spirits needn't necessarily be your lifelong guides; these specific animals are your guides only so long as you need to learn the lessons they're trying to teach you. I hope you find it in you to embody the advice of these spirits guides and forge a new path for yourself as you step into the new year.


A: Your spirit animal is the Brown Bear

Take a time out

Have you been hustling a lot lately? It's time to stop doing that. There's no use in burning yourself out. Sometimes, things take as long as they take to materialize, no matter how hard you work on them. In fact, some of them might work, only when you ease up a bit. So, here's the Brown Bear telling you to take a time out. Rest well. Hibernate on the matter at hand. Perhaps, it needs a lot more time than you initially thought it would.

B: Your spirit animal is the Groundhog

Time to let go

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it's just not meant to be. A change is coming your way and you need to forego what isn't working for you. Change is the way of nature, and if something in your life is past its expiry date, and yet, you've been clinging to it desperately, nature will take its course and remove it from your life. You might feel like you need just a little more time, even if only to grieve. But there's no time for that either, says the Groundhog Spirit. Let go. Because something far better is waiting to enter your life and you need to let this expired thing leave and make space for the new and green.


C: Your spirit animal is the Dog

Be loyal to what you love


You're a being of love and the universe hears you. True love, in all shapes and forms, is on its way to you, even as you remain loyal to what's right for you. You needn't fear giving your unconditional love; you're protected as your positive energy only attracts more of its own kind. Even if your past wasn't very kind to you, know that your heart has the capability to heal from it and still be able to love fully, truly, and unconditionally. Better yet, you're wiser now, and you'll be able to sniff out the bad eggs and leave them behind.

D: Your spirit animal is the Wasp

Sometimes, life stings

Nobody likes pain. But pain serves a purpose. Imagine this: you've accidentally placed your hand on a burning vessel, but it doesn't hurt, so you don't remove your hand. The next thing you know? Third degree burns and the shock of what you've done to yourself! Do you still think pain is unnecessary? We don't often know what's right for us. So, if you've gotten yourself into a situation that's unhealthy for you, Wasp Spirit is here to sting you enough to awaken your senses.


E: Your spirit animal is the Bat 

A rebirth is assured

Have you been suffering sleepless nights over something in your life? It is indeed a dark place to be in, where you're at now. Bats are nocturnal, humans are not. And so, when you do lie on the bed, unable to rest, darkness is all that engulfs your mind. But remember this: bats see very clearly in the dark. Through this darkness, you're beginning to see something that can shift your life. Good thing too, because the dawn is nearly here.

The Bat Spirit says soon, you're going to have to take off and have a fresh start. Soon, you'll be able to do something so fulfilling that it will have you sleeping like a log in the night. Just remember not to cling to the familiarity of the darkness.

F: Your spirit animal is the Frog

Clear out the clutter


There are one too many croaking frogs in the pond. It's time you tuned out other people's voices from your head. You need a clear mind and right now, it's all too cluttered. Sure, there might be some people who just don't stop leaping into your space, crushing your boundaries. But... aren't you letting them? Maybe, you have emotions attached to certain things, people, or situations. And so, you just can't say goodbye to them. But if you don't say goodbye, how will you invite newer and better things in life? Irrespective of the actual season, it's time for spring cleaning of your mind, body, soul, and home.

Oracle Reading by Anusha M Shashidhar:

She's an intuitive tarot reader and pranic healer. She comes with crystal healing experience and knowledge of yoga.
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