Fun Quiz: Pick Your Favorite Wolf and We Will Reveal What It Says about Your Soul

Fun Quiz: Pick Your Favorite Wolf and We Will Reveal What It Says about Your Soul

Wolves are known to be fierce, mysterious and powerful. They are also loyal leaders and passionate about their pack. Choose your wolf and let it unfold your hidden traits.

Wolves are magnificent creatures. They are powerful, mysterious, and fierce. Yet, they are loyal and extremely protective of their pack. While they may appear quiet, they are dignified beings who plan their move with intelligence. 




Greeks, Romans, Native Americans, and Baltics have many myths about wolves as they symbolize power, freedom, and loyalty. They are believed to be free-spirited, wild wanderers, who know how to balance family duties with independence.

We are often unconsciously drawn to things that are closest to our innate nature. Once you have made a pick—black, grey, or white wolf—read on.

The White Wolf



The Arctic (white) wolves are beautiful creatures. They are strong predators, with high intelligence. Much like these gorgeous beings, you might seem coy and soft to people around you. While you charm your way through and win hearts with your genuine interest and clean heart, not even your loved ones know your deep secrets or what's bothering your heart. You never seek attention, yet you win respect through how you treat people. You detest hypocrites and fake people.

Much like the wild creature whose white coat blends in with the snow, you don't care to stand out. But that's how you prefer to observe folks and connect with them on your own terms. Loud and presumptuous people put you off. You know that the truly intelligent ones are often not the most vocal people in the room, so let the loudmouths talk, while you go on learning more and gathering wisdom.

The Black Wolf




You are a lone wolf in your own rights. Much like the black wolf that often fights through the darkest and coldest nights alone in the woods, you too have faced the worst times alone, only to come out stronger and resilient. Yet, you also returned with much kindness in your heart. A gift that is rare in today's world.

You are a natural leader. You are not afraid to stand out, unlike the white wolf. You stick to your truth and refuse to do things against your conscience, even if this leads you to a lonely path. People often judge your detached presence as arrogance. But you know that those you appreciate your authenticity will see you for who you are. 

While you appear tough, not many know that your heart is rather vulnerable and can easily get hurt, especially by those you hold dear to you. Your independence might scare a few people, but then again, you have no time to shrink or fit in.

The Grey Wolf


You are the most mysterious of the lot. Grey wolves or Timberwolves are the ancestors of dogs, and this explains their loyal nature. While you do possess the qualities of both the white and black wolf, you tend to balance the traits of both and use it to guide and support others. You are wise and know how to deal with emotions as you have been through many tough times. But that in no way did you allow that to turn you cold or bitter. 

However, what many people don't know is that your courage knows no bounds and if anyone tries to mess with your loved ones, you will protect them fiercely much like the wild creatures themselves. While you try not to hurt good souls, you refuse to mellow down for the sake of sounding politically correct. Many may hate your blatant honesty, but you are proud to call a spade a spade.

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