A Pippi Longstocking Movie Is in the Making | "Pippi Has Inspired Families with Her Irrepressible Joie De Vivre"

A Pippi Longstocking Movie Is in the Making | "Pippi Has Inspired Families with Her Irrepressible Joie De Vivre"

The fictional nine-year-old character won over hearts across the globe with her red hair tied up in gravity-defying ponytails, superhuman strength, and adorable freckles.

It is quite difficult to forget a character as free-spirited and iconic as Pippi Longstocking. The fictional nine-year-old character won over hearts all around the world with her red hair tied up in gravity-defying ponytails, superhuman strength, and adorable freckles. Thus, when the talks of a movie being developed on the beloved character began, fans simply couldn't contain their excitement. Over the years, there have been many films and television series adaptations, including Columbia Pictures’ 1988 movie The New Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking, but who wouldn't love a contemporary rendition, right?


So, Pippi is the protagonist in a series of children's books by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. The unconventional character is the strongest girl in the world as she is able to lift her horse with one hand. Like most girls her age, she is playful, unpredictable, but completely independent as she lives by her own rules. She doesn't wish to grow up just like Peter Pan and has no problem being a little different from others. Despite her strength, she mostly resorts to nonviolence to resolve conflicts and protect other kids from bullying. That's why the little girl is still adored by all her fans, both old and new. 


Per Deadline, Paddington duo Studiocanal and David Heyman are joining forces with the Astrid Lindgren Company to develop a movie based on the classic story. Harry Potter and Paddington producer Heyman shared, "I am thrilled to collaborate with Thomas Gustafsson, Olle Nyman and their team at the Astrid Lindgren Company and our partners at Studiocanal on this film adaptation of the brilliant and timeless Pippi Longstocking. Pippi has endured and inspired families everywhere through her life force, the strength of character, and her irrepressible joie de vivre. Astrid Lindgren’s books have been translated around the globe for many years – a testament to her vision which we are determined to honor with a new film." 


Lindgren’s grandson and CEO of Astrid Lindgren Film, Nils Nyman, echoed Heyman's excitement over the project. "In David Heyman, with his impressive track record of bringing great literary works to the screen, together with Studiocanal, we are confident that we have found a team that can understand and appreciate the full value of Pippi Longstocking and develops films that capture both the playfulness and the gravity in my grandmother’s works," he said, according to Variety. Pippi's character was developed nearly 75 years ago but it has relevance to this day. Producers feel it's her "irrepressible joie de vivre" that makes her character transcend the times she was written in and make her more relevant than ever.


Pippi first appeared in three Pippi chapter books that were published between 1945 and 1948. This was followed by three short stories and a number of picture book adaptations. These books ended up selling more than 65 million copies and have since translated into 77 languages. "It’s a real pleasure to work again with David Heyman and the team at Heyday, bringing Pippi to audiences around the world," shared Studiocanal CEO Didier Lupfer and EVP of international production and acquisitions Ron Halpern. "Pippi will play to the imaginations of adults and children alike, and we are so delighted to bring her beautifully enduring stories to life."


During an interview with TODAY, former First Lady Michelle Obama revealed that Pippi Longstocking was the first book love of her life. Like many kids her age, she was immediately drawn to the character's eccentricities and even pointed out that no one knew why Pippi lives alone or who takes care of her. "She took care of herself," she explained. "I was really fascinated with this strong little girl that was the center of everything. And she was almost magical in a way. I mean, she was stronger and tougher than anyone. She had superhuman strength." Pippi is the perfect character to reboot today. Although the casting or release date is not yet known, it's definitely something to look forward to. 







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