The First Lunar Eclipse of the Decade on January 10 Will Hit You Hard | Find out What the Tarot Reveals About the New Year

The First Lunar Eclipse of the Decade on January 10 Will Hit You Hard | Find out What the Tarot Reveals About the New Year

Time to let go. You don't need toxicity in your life. You're about to make good progress and you can't do that unless you get rid of what's holding you back. Don't worry, the universe will help you greatly in this regard.

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This reading for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Jauary 10, 2020 applies to anybody reading this, irrespective of your zodiac sign, age, and sex. The messages given below may apply to you in your individual endeavors, to your relationships (both romantic and otherwise), or even to your career. The area of life these messages apply to might vary from person to person.

Let me put this in one phrase: Good riddance! Something is exiting your life and it's doing so loudly and clearly. This could be an addictive habit, toxic behaviour, or toxic people or situations. If you've been holding on to something despite it being bad for you, nature is now going to remove that for you (painfully so), if you haven't done that yourself. If there've been people or situations that've been holding you back from progressing in life, the universe is getting rid of them for you. If something has been rather stubborn and you've been unable to move forward in life because of it, that blockage is now going to crumble away. Whatever the case is for you, this eclipse is going to free you and elevate you.


Knight of Pentacles - Painfully slow

Knight of Pentacles

Good God, this has been moving too slowly, hasn't it? Whatever this is for you, it won't be so slow anymore. It will pick up pace. It might have been so slow that you thought it's not even working, but that's not the case. Soon, you'll see progress.

Queen of Pentacles - Progress, progress, progress

Queen of Pentacles

Finally! If that situation or person just wasn't budging, well, now it/they will. Because the universe will make sure it budges for you. On your part, all you need to do is spend more time in nature, saying thank you. Walk on mud, pebbles, sand, and grass, also pet and feed animals to make the best use of nature's help in this regard.

The Tower -  Lightning has struck

The Tower


The universe has its own way of helping you. It needn't necessarily be pretty. So, gear up for a shocker, if you haven't already been craving for it, given the ridiculously slow pace.

The Devil (Reversed) - Good riddance!

The Devil - Reversed

The Devil comes in various shapes, forms, and sizes. Whether this devil was a habit, situation, or person in your life, it's going to exit now. It's held you back from reaching your full potential for far too long. It's now time to release this and be cleansed.

Animal Spirit Oracle: The Horse

Let the universe unblock your path

You're being freed by the universe, whether or not you're ready. But I'd wager that you are. You've probably tried everything in your power to move things along but felt that something was holding you back. So, even if it's not all pretty and comfortable, you're prepared to take the discomfort over the stagnancy in order to move forward. Whether or not you were aware of what was blocking your path, you will be certain as to what it was soon enough.


Shamanic Oracle Advice: Grounding

Down to earth, literally

Walking barefoot on grass, pebbles, sand, and mud will do good for you. The day after you do that, go get a pedicure and foot massage. It might feel like the carpet is being pulled from under your feet in one fell swoop! Don't worry though. It was anyway a dirty carpet. Like I said... Good riddance! You just go pamper yourself with some quality time in nature or at a spa.

How does Tarot work?

If there's one question every tarot reader gets asked most often is, how can a bunch of cards hold answers to our deepest fears and confusion? Is it completely random or is it some kind of divine channeling of messages? Well, the answer? It's a bit of both.

Most readers are highly intuitive, sometimes psychic too. The vibrant and often quite descriptive imagery of the Tarot is what helps paint a picture of what you can expect in the coming days, based on the reading. A truly skilled tarot reader will be able to bring clarity to your confusion and present you with answers to your many questions.


Coming to the process of drawing cards, every reader will have their own preferences: some shuffle and pick the cards themselves (or ask you to pick if you're present), others shuffle extensively and wait until the cards fall out, flip, or fly out in the midst of shuffling on their own. I fall into the latter group of people. But regardless of the process that leads up to it, once the cards are laid out in front of you, they pretty much speak for themselves.

As for the choice of cards, this too depends on the reader's preference. However, the most popular of the lot, and also the most commonly used deck of cards in the Tarot is the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Different decks come with different imageries and also have varied interpretations. Purely guided by intuition, readers can interpret the cards differently, though perhaps, we're all probably channeling the same message, really. The deck I've used for this reading is the classic Rider-Waite. The imagery in this deck is quite simple and clear enough for me to explain to just about anyone what the cards are saying.


A tarot reading can be done for an individual, a couple and even a group of people. While there is no rule that dictates when and how you do a reading, there are readers who prefer to schedule it based on the lunar cycles, etc, to gauge the energies.

Tarot Reading by Anusha M Shashidhar:

Anusha is a tarot reader and pranic healer. She comes with crystal healing experience and knowledge of yoga.
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