Premature Baby Started Breathing When Placed on Mom's Chest for the First Time | She Nearly Died but Her Baby Saved Her

Premature Baby Started Breathing When Placed on Mom's Chest for the First Time | She Nearly Died but Her Baby Saved Her

A mother's love is incredible and the connection between a mother and child is not something we can take lightly.

Sometimes, a mother's connection with their child is so powerful that it can draw them back from the face of death. There are miracles happening in all parts of the world and nothing can be more incredible than a mother's love for her children. While not every mother may feel this way, there are those whose attachment to their children can help them scale a lot of impossible mountains.

Three years ago, one mother from Missouri had been fighting for her life but a hug from her just born premature baby saved her, she believes. She also attributes it to a nurse, who had quick thinking and may have potentially saved both mother and child.

Sharee McCoy was 8 weeks pregnant with son Luka, when she found out she had a cesarean scar pregnancy and if she continued with the pregnancy her life would be at risk. Instead of choosing her own life, Sharee, who had previously lost her first child, decided to save her baby. So, her care team at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital came up with a solution: an experimental surgery in utero to save her baby.

Sharee McCoy with Luka | Source: SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital

While the surgery was a success, there was one hiccup. Luka came early at only 31 weeks. When he was born, he was sent to the NICU even before his mother had a chance to hold him. Meanwhile, the young mom had suffered massive blood loss and was immediately transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. She needed to go through another surgery to save her life but there was a chance that she wouldn't make it, SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital told Women Working.

Source: SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital

Things took a positive turn when Luka’s NICU nurse, Chaela Kinney, heard about Sharee's surgery. So, Chaela took Luka to meet his mother. Meanwhile, the premature baby had been struggling to breathe on his own at the NICU and had been breathing with assistance. The nurse was aware of the risk of taking him to the ICU and she still went ahead with it. When the tiny baby was placed on his mother's chest for the first time his oxygen levels increased, and he was able to breathe on his own.

Source: SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital

"I didn’t heal Luka, his mom healed Luka, and I think Luka helped to heal Sharee," Chaela told Fox News. "It was the best miracle I’ve ever witnessed," she added.

"Luka and I needed each other, and we needed to meet each other," Sharee said in a video made by the SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital about their incredible story. "She [Chaela] could have potentially saved both of us," the mother said.


It has been three years since Sharee’s second successful surgery and almost three years later, her boy is a happy, healthy almost 3-year-old. In fact, the toddler turned three on March 18 and the bond that he and his mother share has never been stronger.

Not everyone believes in miracles, but amazing things happen in different corners of the world all the time. We hear of miracle babies often, but how often do we hear of a miracle baby saving his own mother with his tiny magic.




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