Prince Harry Turned as Old as His Mom Princess Diana Was When She Died | His Free Spirit Is a Reflection of Hers

Prince Harry Turned as Old as His Mom Princess Diana Was When She Died | His Free Spirit Is a Reflection of Hers

Not much is known about what Prince Harry did on his birthday but the dedicated dad would have spent it with his family for sure.

Birthdays are wonderful occasions to reflect on the year that has been. It brings back memories of the lovely moments from years ago and reminds us of the possibilities in the future. All birthdays are milestones and for some people, it may be a reminder of those who are no longer with us.

Prince Harry celebrated his 36th birthday on September 15 and now he's the same age as his mother, the Princess of Wales, was when she died. From here on, even as he grows older, just like his brother Prince William, Princess Diana would be forever 36 in their memories.

Harry had publicly pledged at the age of 18 to "to carry on the things that she didn’t quite finish" and he is doing so from outside the limitations of his royal life. Diana too had wanted to withdraw from public life before she passed away and it's only her second son who was able to choose that path for himself. She taught him to be free-spirited by showing him that it was possible to live a non-royal life.


It's been 18 years since he decided to dedicate his life to humanitarian work and he's now a man who has come into his own. "I would call it destiny," Omid Scobie, coauthor of Harry's recent biography Finding Freedom, told Vanity Fair. "This is a man who said he wanted to continue his mother’s work. We’ve long mourned Diana’s place on the humanitarian landscape, and here we have Harry, who embodies her values and is willing to dedicate his life to them. He’s at an age now where he’s taken that baton and is able to run with it in a way that he would never have been able to do within the House of Windsor. That’s very powerful and exciting," he added.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been able to establish more of their independence after their Netflix deal which allowed them to pay back the renovation costs of their Windsor home. They are also looking towards the future where they open a production company together and build their organization Archewell, named after their son Archie.


Just like his mother, he too has deep ties to Hollywood. Princess Diana was venerated by Michael Jackson and had found fans in John Travolta and other stars. Harry, on the other hand, married a former actress and set up his forever home in Hollywood.

They found their forever home in California's Santa Barbara. "Here is a man who’s very content and happy with his marriage, his family life, and thriving within his professional life," Scobie said. "This is the moment he can sit back and think, 'I made it.' He has found his happiness," he added.


Another royal commentator and author Ingrid Seward added that Harry would have celebrated his 36th birthday "on a high." "He’s embracing his new life and everything is an adventure right now. He has moved on very quickly, and I don’t think he misses his old life at all," she added.


It is not known how he celebrated his birthday on September 15 but it is obvious that he would have spent the day with Markle and their son, Archie. Even when he worked as a royal in the UK, the family had been tight-lipped about what the royals did do on their birthdays. Their spokesperson has been even quieter about Harry and Markle now that they moved to the US and paid back all that they owed to the royals, as per USA Today.

The young couple has a lot to be happy about now with their multiyear Netflix deal. They are set to produce scripted series, docu-series, documentaries, features, and children’s programming for the streaming giant.


Princess Diana would have been proud of her son who has carved out his path away from an institution that had tried to stop her from being herself. She would be proud that he was able to find a partner who understood him well and was ready to carry the same pressures as him.




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