5 Ways Prince William Takes After Mom Princess Diana in Carrying Out His Royal Duties

5 Ways Prince William Takes After Mom Princess Diana in Carrying Out His Royal Duties

Prince William has grown into a great husband, father, and a man of public service, just like his mom, Princess Diana, was devoted to her children and causes.

Prince William, 38, is a father to three kids and has been married for almost 10 years. He's grown into a great husband, father, and a man of public service, just like his mom, Princess Diana. For this future king, the main occupation has been to be working for the common people and creating awareness about the various issues he endorses. He is also dedicated to his family and protects them fiercely, just like his mom. There are many more similarities between him and the late Princess of Wales, who taught by example how to be human first and royal later.

Here are all the ways in which he carries her legacy forward:

1. Like Diana, Prince William champions the causes he believes in

Both William and Diana have endorsed various causes over the years. And, just like his mom, he has dedicated his life to them. He endorses as many as 30 charities, as per Look To The Stars. In November 2020, he secretly volunteered at a charity his mom had taken him to in 1993. He volunteered with London charity The Passage, which supports homeless people, as per Marie Claire. He doesn't try to make a name with the work he does, but he carries on his mom's legacy of service.


2. Like Diana, Prince William makes connections with people beyond the royal sphere

Princess Diana taught her children to have a life outside of the royal sphere and to empathize with others. Just like her, Prince William is dedicated to honoring the common people of his country. He makes sure to visit small businesses like bakeries and applaud healthcare workers, who have been doing their best in these tough times. Just like how Diana stopped her car and hugged a woman in a cemetery in a strange country to console her, William has been doing what he can to support those who need him, and one of the ways is through his mental health charity, Heads Together.


3. They always have a smile despite their personal struggles

Both Princess Diana and Prince William have known emotional crises in all their intense forms. Just like other families, their's has been through many ups and downs. Whether it was Diana going through a divorce or William facing a rift with his brother, they have kept their smiles on, while meeting the public. They are inspiring icons for people across the world, and they are aware of that. They are also professionals who have tried to keep doing their work despite emotional turmoil.


4. They want their kids to have a normal upbringing

The dad of three kids—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—wants a normal childhood for his kids, just like his mom wanted that for her sons. "Both Kate and William… like the idea of having them mix with all the other children of their age to make friends and enjoy a normal childhood without the confines of royal life,” British media commentator Neil Sean told Fox News. "William, in particular, enjoys doing this as he remembers with such great affection how his mother, the wonderful Princess Diana, arranged all kinds of things for both him and [his brother Prince] Harry to do, like fast-food restaurants, shows, seaside holidays and so forth."


5. Prince William is a protective parent just like Diana was

When Prince George was born in 2013, Prince William escorted his wife, Kate, and their first child out of the hospital. He then buckled him in their Range Rover and took the wheel. The dad had let out a "phew" and pretended to wipe sweat from his brow. It was a simple funny moment, but it showed how hands-on he is when it comes to raising his kids, according to Hello Magazine. His mom taught him how to be involved in her kids' lives by doing simple things like driving them to school every morning.








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