Princess Charlotte Tears up as She Bids Final Goodbye to Her Great-Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Charlotte Tears up as She Bids Final Goodbye to Her Great-Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II

The internet was moved by the image of Charlotte that shows her breaking into tears at the Queen's funeral.

Princess Charlotte was present at the state funeral of her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. For a 7-year-old child like her, it is difficult to process a loss of a close family member. The Princess couldn't contain her emotions while paying respects to the monarch and shed tears at the loss. Social media was moved when the princess shed tears at the funeral. Many royal admirers praised the 7-year-old on Twitter for respecting the late queen and handling the dreadful event with grace and maturity beyond her years.

Source: Getty Images/WPA Pool
Source: Getty Images/WPA Pool


The young princess was photographed placing her hands up to her eyes while standing at Wellington Arch with her mother, the Princess of Wales, and her brother, Prince George, reports US Weekly. Kate Middleton was then photographed gently grabbing her tearful daughter's hand and leading her into the packed church. The Princess of Wales consoled her daughter at the difficult time. Charlotte accompanied her brother Prince George, 9, in the procession before the tearful reaction. During the customary ritual, William and Kate's oldest children walked in front of Harry and Meghan Markle as well as their parents. In another touching video from the ceremony, the princess could be seen interacting with her 9-year-old brother George, now second-in-line for the throne after his father, per Page Six. She leaned into George's years and appeared to whisper, "You need to bow." George nodded in acknowledgment of his sister's years and bowed.

Source: WPA Pool
Image Source: WPA Pool

As we reported earlier, the Princess wore a hat for the first time along with a horseshoe brooch to pay her respects to her great-grandmother. Prince Louis, Charlotte's 4-year-old brother, was not present during the funeral, perhaps due to his young age and the solemnity of the occasion. Kate previously opened up that Louis is having trouble understanding that the Queen has died. According to her, Louis said, "At least Grannie is with Great-Grandpa [Prince Philip] now.' "

Source: Getty Images/WPA Pool
Source: Getty Images/WPA Pool

A royal fan wrote on Twitter, "I thought the Cambridge children were genuinely a credit to their parents, their behavior was excellent and it was nice to see the human touches, like the Princess of Wales talking to both children and Princess Charlotte's crying for her GanGan." Another wrote, "The image of Princess Charlotte crying struck a chord with me. She’s just a young girl who lost her great-grandmother who loved horses just like she does." A third user wrote, "This image breaks my heart. I think sometimes people forget that #QueenElizabethII was not just a queen, but a great-grandmother as well."







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