The Mature Relationship Advice That Protective Prince William Gave "Mummy" Diana as a Teenager

The Mature Relationship Advice That Protective Prince William Gave "Mummy" Diana as a Teenager

Their bond was a strong one and he wants his family to know about her even though she has been gone almost two decades.

Princess Diana's elder son Prince William has come to be known as the responsible one and this reputation has been around for decades. His sense of responsibility was a part of him even when he was a child and it shows in the way he supported his mother through hard times. He was truly there for her when she was going through a very publicized separation from his father, Prince Charles. In fact, despite being only 14 years old at the time, he gave her very sound advice and was her rock.


In 1992, after multiple issues, Princess Diana and Prince Charles's relationship was beyond the point of repair. Even Queen Elizabeth II had to intervene in their affairs and recommend that they separate as their actions had humiliated the royal family. After their separation, in a BBC interview when Princess Diana revealed the intricacies of her marriage, the queen recommended that it was best for the couple to get divorced. The queen has reportedly called the year of 1992 as "annus horribilis" – a horrible year.



"After considering the present situation, the queen wrote to both the prince and princess earlier this week and gave them her view, supported by the Duke of Edinburgh, that an early divorce is desirable," a palace statement said, according to PopSugar.

While they may have signed on the dotted line in 1996, the troubles began much earlier in their relationship. During this tumultuous time, Prince William told his mother to "accelerate her divorce proceedings by agreeing to be stripped of her royal title," according to the documentary Prince William: Royalty In My Family. He apparently said, "You’ll still be mummy."



Even before he became a teenager, the famously protective son is said to have made reservations for his mother to cheer her up when he was just nine-year-old, according to Her.io. The documentary also claims that he wanted to be a police officer to protect his mother, but younger brother Harry reminded him that he has to be king in the future.

According to Express UK, in another documentary, Prince William at Thirty, Diana’s former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe said, "Diana did put tremendous responsibility on William’s shoulders, as someone to comfort and to talk to and to be with."



Royal expert Katie Nicholl added, "There’s one really moving story where Diana was in tears in the bathroom and William was pushing tissues under the door because he could hear her crying. William was just about to enter those very difficult teenage years and had to do so with the backdrop of his parents’ marriage disintegrating with the most publicly awful way."

More people have commented on how William wanted to be there for his mother. According to former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond, William would say, "It will be alright Mummy I will look after you."


The bond between the mother and son had been a strong one and was carried forward beyond her death. Even though he lost her in 1997, he carries her in his heart and is teaching his children all about her.


While Duchess Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis never knew her, William wants to make sure that is remembered and cherished by his family. He and his wife have put up photos of her around the house and they talk about her. They discuss "Granny Diana" around the children, according to Marie Claire UK. "It’s hard because obviously Catherine didn’t know her, so she cannot really provide that—that level of detail," he said During an HBO special last year, Diana: Her Life and Legacy.


Even if others think that what William had to do for his mother at a young age was a burden, we don't know how close their bond was. He may have just been a good son looking out for one of the most important people in his life and making sure that she is okay, which is what family does for each other.