Rare Photos of Princess Diana's Bedroom and Living Quarters That Reveal Her True Personality and Rebellious Spirit

Rare Photos of Princess Diana's Bedroom and Living Quarters That Reveal Her True Personality and Rebellious Spirit

The people's princess may have lived in a palace, but her interior design aesthetic will surprise you with its simplicity.


Princess Diana was the queen of hearts who was elegant and spunky at the same time. With her acts of kindness and love, she won over millions of people around the world. There will probably be no other royalty like her. At the height of her fame, she inspired many young women across the world with her fashion as well. From her hair to her clothes, young women everywhere wanted to look like the Princess of Wales.

So, it is obvious that there is a lot of curiosity about the beloved people's princess be it about where she lived or where her children lived. After all, the mother-of-two's relationship with her two sons is one of the most storied parts of her life. Now, rare photos of her bedroom and living quarters have been found that give a better insight into the rebel princess. Her personal space is a testimonial to her personality coupled with royal traditions.

"I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am."

Her indomitable spirit has lived on even though she passed away in 1997. And, one of the ways to keep her alive in our memories is by knowing more about her. 

Here are some rare photos of her personal space that show her true self:

1. Diana in her apartment at Kensington Palace with a friend

This picture shows the princess having a relaxed day with her friend, Suzie Kassem. The picture of young William on the table says much of the doting mom.


2. Diana's home away from home in the royal yacht 

The young princess was still very much in love with Prince Charles despite the pain she was going through emotionally. The simple yet elegant decor says much about who she was as a person.


3. The room she grew up in 

This stately room is part of the Spencer house, in which she grew up. Pictured below is her collection of stuffed toys that were found on a couch in the living quarters of the palace.




4. The room her children grew up in

Diana made sure her kids' room was cheerful and cozy. And as always, she put her kids' safety and comfort first.


5. A wall covered in photos of her children at her Kensington Palace apartment

This wall reveals how much she loved being a mom. Unlike the rest of the palace, her quarters were not just brighter and more free-spirited in style, they also had a sense of abandon with no heed for royal norms.


6. Diana's boudoir in her Kensington Palace rooms

Unarguably one of the most fashionable women of all times, this is where Diana had her makeup and styling done. Although the results were always stunning, the simplicity of her dressing area shows she didn't care to put too much thought into it.


7. Her desk, as she left it the last time

The desk where she got some of her official work done looked like this as she left it for the very last time. It had tiny statues of Jesus and the Virgin, two clocks, and many pictures of her sons.


8. Diana's dining room at Kensington Palace

The palace staff revealed much later how Lady Diana often joined the staff for dinner, something most royals were never seen to do.


9. The hallway between her living quarters

This cheerful hallway captures her bohemian spirit with its bright walls, eclectic table cloth, and minimal furniture.





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