5 Reasons Why Physical Intimacy Gets Better With Age

5 Reasons Why Physical Intimacy Gets Better With Age

Age, experience, and confidence makes older women surer of themselves, which is attractive for their partner.

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If movies and TV are to be believed, people in their 30s and beyond do not have intercourse. Love and romance end at 30. However, that's very far from the lived reality of most people. Just like wine, intimacy gets better with age for most of us. We learn to understand the rhythms of our bodies and figure out our needs too. We also learn to communicate better with our partners. The experience we have had all these years ends up aiding us.


Being with one partner for a long period of time works in our favor as we get to work on perfecting our moves with each other. We spend time and energy trying to know what works for each other. Obviously, it doesn't all stay the same over a period of time and we also need to get reacquainted with each other's bodies and needs. Keeping an open line of communication always helps. Better communication is also a perk of being with someone for a long period of time. We tend to understand each other better and learn to be more open and honest.


It might be hard to accept these but experts tell us that these assumptions are not wrong. There are some expert-backed reasons why physical intimacy is better with age. Here are five of them:

1. Genital primes are not the same as the prime period for intercourse

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As strange as it sounds, our physical relationships don't have to be tied to our genital prime. Sex therapist David Schnarch told Bustle that men reach their genital prime in their late teens or early 20s. They likely get aroused faster and can have intercourse more frequently as they are also in physical prime then. Men in that age group are more impulsive and inexperienced, and it is only with age that they learn to have intimacy above and beyond climaxing. For women, a genital prime comes in their early 30s, when the men are slowing down, as per Healthline.


2. Women become more confident with age

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Feeling good about ourselves can be a minefield. Some days are good, some bad, and some a disaster. But, age has its perks. It makes us trust ourselves and believe in ourselves. We start becoming more and more sure of our abilities. A survey of 2,000 women aged 50+ shows that women feel most happy and confident in their own skin around the age of 33, as per Now to Love. With more confidence comes a wilder time in the bedroom as well. We learn to go beyond the insecurities with our body image and since they become less acute, we learn to be in the present.


3. Women have a higher chance of climaxing 

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For women, physical intimacy gets better with age. A survey found that women are more likely to be at their peak after the age of 36. The study by Natural Cycles, the first and only certified birth control app, surveyed 2,600 women, as per New York Post. They found that from climaxing, attractiveness, to a most enjoyable time in the bedroom, women beyond the age of 36 were having the best time. That can be owed to feeling more confident. They were also likely to be doing the deed more regularly.


4. Satisfaction improves with age

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A study at the University of Manchester found that 80% of sexually active men over 50 were satisfied with the intercourse they were having while 85% of sexually active women between the ages of 60 to 69 were satisfied with theirs. According to the study, among the 79+ group, 90% of participants were satisfied with their time between the sheets. It might sound unlikely for younger folks but older adults were happier with their physical relationship than people in other age groups. And according to a study conducted amongst 828 people in 2015, the best age for enjoying intercourse was in their 40's, with 37% of women and 34% of men attesting to this fact.


5. Commitment improves physical intimacy 

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Another study, conducted by women’s magazine, Your Life, interviewed professional British women 35 and over and found that 75% of them were happy with the intercourse they were having. That number improved to 82% for women who were in relationships or married, as per Daily Mail. They are having better intercourse and more frequently than in their 20s.