7 Reasons Women Continue to Stay with or Go Back to a Cheating Partner

7 Reasons Women Continue to Stay with or Go Back to a Cheating Partner

Such decisions are never easy.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on August 11, 2020. It has since been updated.

Sometimes, it can be hard to understand why a woman goes back to a partner who cheated on her. After all, those who consider cheating as a dealbreaker cannot imagine why a woman would let herself stay with someone who broke her trust. While not many people can understand why only some know that it takes all the more strength to choose to forgive and give the relationship another chance. And these are seven reasons why even the strongest of women sometimes may choose to stay with their partner and give them a second chance.


1. They believe their partner deserves a second chance. 

It's a hope that lives inside them—that their partner will change for the better. They understand that sometimes people slip and make a mistake, but that one single moment doesn't define them in their entirety. They are willing to give them another chance to build back the trust.

They believe their love will be reciprocated in the future, and that it will be enough for their partner. 

2. They feel the relationship is worth fighting for.

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Yes, being lied to and cheated on is unacceptable. Yes, it hurts so bad that you question everything you shared with your partner. Yes, it makes you wonder if you were not good enough for them. But once these trying questions and doubts pass, some also see that there are many other things that they shared together. If they believe the partner sees how big a mistake it was and that what they shared before can never be replaced, then sometimes a strong person may choose to see beyond the momentary slip and give the relationship another chance. 


3. They are emotionally too invested in their partner.

How does one turn their back on the partner they cared for and invested so much of their emotions in so easily? For these women, their partners are embedded in the tapestry of their lives and to leave them would mean to unravel all the fabric which built it. It would mean leaving behind someone who was there for them in hard times as well as good. So they may choose to weigh the times the partner did stand by them and decide on their own terms if continuing or breaking up is the best option.

4. They don't want the children to be affected by breaking the family.

As much as they might want to leave the person who broke their heart, if they have kids, they may not be able to break away so easily. They will think first like a mother and then like a woman whose trust was broken. They want to ensure the whole process is the least scarring for their children. While many will debate that this should not be a reason to put up with dishonesty, women who have been in that position know that it isn't easy. 


5. Their partner was a true companion who stood by them.

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Their partner might have been an incredibly supportive companion who stood by them through the ups and downs of life. Most women cherish companionship and soul intimacy over a purely physical connection. While infidelity hurts in ways that cannot be put into words, some may choose to value the bond that they share beyond that and give their partner another chance. 

6. They don't want to let down their families.

Although a strong woman doesn't care about what others think, when it comes to her family, she may fear how her own pain might break them. In such instances, she may choose to wait it out and decide if she wants to walk out or give it another chance. Despite knowing her self-worth, a woman in love also tends to doubt herself at such emotionally trying times. Until she sorts out her feelings, she may not want to cause additional distress to her family by breaking the relationship entirely.


7. They don't want to lose or for their kids to lose the support that comes with being in a relationship.

For some women, it isn't just emotional security that goes for a toss due to infidelity, but also financial and social security. Not everyone is privileged enough to walk out of a relationship right away. They might also think about their kids' safety and education, especially if they have been dependent on their partner. It is not an easy choice, but sometimes a woman may take her time to decide considering all these factors.

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Every woman is fighting her own battle. While infidelity comes with a moral decision as well, nobody can judge what the right choice is from an outsider's perspective. Only the person in the situation knows what is best for herself. It is important to put yourself and your mental and physical health first and make a choice from an empowered place.


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