Relationship Test: The Length of Your Ring Finger Can Reveal the Kind of Partner You Are in a Relationship

Relationship Test: The Length of Your Ring Finger Can Reveal the Kind of Partner You Are in a Relationship

Take a closer look at your ring finger's top line. It can tell you a lot about you as a partner, your happiness, and your priorities.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on September 23, 2020. It has since been updated.

Palmistry studies the lines, color, and texture of your palm to determine your fate and personality. A few people also study the length and shape of your fingers to understand your unique qualities. The ring finger is often associated with your love life and relationships.


If you've ever wondered what kind of partner you make and what you expect in a relationship, take a closer look at your ring finger. The length of your finger and how it is aligned with the little finger reveals some intriguing insights about certain patterns in your relationships as well.

While reading your ring finger, look at the top line. It will either fall lower, higher or at the same length of your pinky.

Type A

Is the uppermost line of your ring finger placed below the tip of your little finger? Well, this may indicate that you're the more giving partner in the relationship. You have a tendency to give your partner's needs the priority ahead of your own. Even though you have the clarity about what you want in your love life and your expectations from your partner, you end up putting others' needs first.


It's in your nature to make others happy. So in a relationship, you make your partner happy first, which in turn makes you happy. In case of an argument, you would be the first one to step up and propose a compromise, something that aligns with your core nature. Little things in life don't bother you as much since you are focused on looking at the bigger picture in each situation.

You feel happy when they are happy, so you easily get adjusted to their decisions and needs. You align your values to theirs and so a bit easy for you to reach a common understanding with your partner, as you share your happiness with theirs. This doesn't necessarily make you unhappy, though you do tend to face the repercussions of neglecting your own wants for too long.


Type B

Does the uppermost line of your ring finger fall above the little finger? Well in this case, for you, your interests and dreams come before that of your partner's. But this also means that you give people the same consideration and respect for the choices they make, just like how you value the things you love and admire the most. Though this doesn't come at the cost of losing someone special or something that you value and cherish a lot.

You have an independent mindset and you believe that you and your partner have different needs and goals that need to be achieved. You support your partner, but when it's about your dreams and ambitions, you make sure your partner is aware of where you stand and what you would choose. The open communication lets you be at comfort with each other and each other's desires, as both have an idea about the priorities, which have been conveyed openly.


Since you are aware of where you stand in the relationship and how much other things also mean to you, the two of you will share an understanding and a loving relationship. This allows both of you to grow independently, without tiring each other mentally or emotionally. The pillars of your bond are the space you guys give each other and the freedom to be yourself, and also sharing the troubles and victories that come with it.

Type C

The uppermost line of your ring finger falling in sync with the top of the little finger indicates balance. You have been extremely considerate of your partner's views and have also aligned them with yours. You feel equal in the relationship and give your opinions and suggestions to your partner in all matters. You like to share the responsibilities equally and don't dump your duties on them.


You are also flexible and tend to compromise where you think is required. This allows you to be fluid and things go smoothly when it comes to the needs of the two of you. You match up with their wishes, needs, and desires with your own. What helps you both have a meaningful relationship, is the fact that you value and give importance to the principles and beliefs that the two of you have.

You believe in communicating thoroughly which results in minimal conflicts in the relationship. You also have the knack to weigh and judge the decisions you make as per your partner's interests and then make your move. Your kindness, compassion, and understanding nature enable your relationship to sail smoothly even through difficult times. Compromise and flexibility are the two fundamental things, which drive your relationship and make it stronger.