Richard Gere Found True Love Late in Life but Now His Wife Makes Him "the Happiest Man in the Universe"

Richard Gere Found True Love Late in Life but Now His Wife Makes Him "the Happiest Man in the Universe"

Looking at the 70-year-old actor and the 36-year-old Spanish socialiate, you'll realize that this is a couple that's made for each other.

Money doesn't buy happiness. Happiness can come from a person so unique it can leave you breathless and Richard Gere proves it. Because for him, it is that one special woman who makes him feel so loved that nothing else exists apart from him and her. And that person is his wife, Alejandra Silva. To everyone else, he is the heartthrob, but to him, she is the one who lights up his world. 


That love is one he is not afraid to announce to the world. His recent speech at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards when he was on stage to present an award was just three words... all aimed at his wife - "I love you". 

So where did it all begin?

It was love at first sight and their intense connection was not one to be denied. But before they started dating, Richard plied her with flowers until she agreed to go out with him. Alejandra told Hello! Magazine, "A friend introduced us, we looked at each other and felt a very strong connection. We couldn't stop looking at each other all night, and since then we haven't been apart." 



"Love stories with a complicated beginning, where you have to overcome difficulties together, can bring you closer... I'm sure I did [have some doubts] at some point. In the beginning, he was more convinced than me. But from very early on, we felt that we were destined to be together." Soon enough the two tied the knot in an Indian-inspired wedding in April 2018 on Richard's ranch and they've been happily in love ever since. "I feel like I'm in a true fairytale," Alejandra said. "Without a doubt, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world."


How do the two keep their spark alive? 

It's the fact that both of them take the time to make each other feel like the luckiest people alive. Every day, without fail, Richard tells his wife how much she matters to him. "Every morning, he asks me, 'What would make you happy today,' And every day he composes a song for me," she told Hola! USA.



There's is no force powerful enough to make him trade what he has with her. "I'm the happiest man in the universe. How could I not be?" he said. "I'm married to a beautiful woman who is smart, sensitive, committed to helping people, who's fun, patient, who knows how to forgive, who's a great cook – and who makes the best salads in the world!"

And the parenting brings them even closer. Both Richard and Alejandra have children from their previous marriages. However, Richard finds the experience of parenting with someone he feels so connected to, a new wonder especially since they recently welcomed their first child.


Richard Gere can't stop gushing about his wife though and goes on to say, "Alejandra meditates, she's a vegetarian, a great mother, has the touch of an angel... and she's also Spanish: the land of kings and queens, of Cervantes and Buñuel... You can't get any better than that."


It's obvious to anyone looking at the couple that they are in their own bubble of love. Friends and family who meet them regularly agree that both of them have grown together and their love is never-ending. One source close to the couple claimed that the two are “extraordinarily happy," and told People, “They’re so comfortable with each other, have fun together and are looking forward to their future together.”


It's clear that the small gestures like writing songs to letting each other know how much they mean is what keeps their relationship fresh and happy.