Burglar Robs a Pharmacy but Refuses to Take Cash from Elderly Lady, Kisses Her on the Forehead Instead

Burglar Robs a Pharmacy but Refuses to Take Cash from Elderly Lady, Kisses Her on the Forehead Instead

The viral video has taken the internet by storm and left netizens wondering "Is this really kindness?"

It shouldn't take us more than a second to conclude that robbery is a crime and it is wrong on all levels. In fact, every time we hear a piece of news related to theft or robbery we wish the toughest punishment befall upon the culprits. But in a surprising turn of events, a robber in Brazil did something that has left people torn.

According to Daily Mail, a Brazil pharmacy saw two robbers with guns sneak in and rob the outlet on October 15, 2019. As soon as they entered, they demanded money from the only employee of the store. The guns in their hands and black helmets scared the employee and an elderly woman who was at the billing counter. Alarmed by the incident, the elderly customer offered her money to a robber. What happened next has left the internet in awe.


The robber refused to take her money. Instead, he calmed her down and even planted a kiss on her forehead, while his accomplice kept looting the store. This act by the robber is surprising people for all the right reasons. According to store owner Samuel Almeida, the woman asked one of the robbers to take her money too but he never took her money, rather he showed kindness and mercy on her.

"No, ma'am, you can be quiet, I don't want your money," said the robber before planting a kiss on her forehead. According to the CCTV footage, the robbers entered the pharmacy wearing t-shirts and helmets, one of them had two guns with him. The store had only one employee who was scared of the sudden intervention and did not try to stop them. The robbers not only robbed cash but they also stole goods, while the middle-aged employee lay surrendered on his knees.


The elderly woman stood frightened at a corner and witnessed everything. At one point she is also seen throwing her hands up, presumably attempting to offer her money. At this gesture, the robber kissed the woman on her forehead and carried on with his plan. The shop owner said that the thieves escaped with $240 and other goods. Daily Mail reports that the police are investigating the matter and looking for suspects in the neighborhood.

While this act cannot be used to justify a felony, it has definitely left people shocked.

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