Roger Moore's Daughter Feels "as Though He’s Around Me" & Believes Her Late Father Still Watches Over & Sends Her Signs

Roger Moore's Daughter Feels "as Though He’s Around Me" & Believes Her Late Father Still Watches Over & Sends Her Signs

She claims that there have been instances that made her feel like he is sending signs to make her aware of his presence.

When you lose a parent, you lose a priceless pillar of support, your best friend, and the one who unconditionally loved you, no matter what. While many try to cope with the reality, many get stuck in the loop and find it difficult to move on. Some, however, feel certain energies around them that makes them believe that they have not lost everything, after all. It is not unknown for people to have received messages and signs from their departed loved ones to guide them in their life or to just let them know that they are not alone.


Late James Bond actor Roger Moore's daughter, Deborah, believes that her father watches over her and often sends her signs of his presence. She narrated an incident to Daily Star when a Japanese man approached her on the streets and started talking to her about MI5 (a secret intelligence service shown in the Bond movies).

Deborah revealed, "I said, 'Are you looking for the MI5 building?' He went, 'Yeah, yeah, James Bond, 007'. Now, of all the people to come up to in the street, it’s me." She added, "I was like, 'Dad, this is you having a laugh'. So there’s all these little things which always make it feel as though he’s around me."

In another instance, Deborah revealed that she sensed the presence of her late father through an angelic number. Any guesses what the number was? That's right, 007!

Roger Moore with his second wife Luisa Mattioli and their children
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She said, "I was walking along the beach and there was this big Russian boat and when it moved the colors changed and the side said 007..." She added, "And then the friend that I was with her first day back in work - she lives in Sweden - she said, 'the only picture in this entire office was of your father.'"

All these incidents playing out systematically cannot be just coincidences, can they?

Further, she went on to describe Moore's battle with cancer and revealed that he was positive throughout his treatment. She said that "until the end," the actor insisted he would be fine and that the last thing he ever said to her was, 'I love you too', reports Mail Online. After a "short and brave" battle with cancer, as described by his family at that time, he passed away.

Roger Moore with his last wife Kristina Tholstrup and daughter Deborah Moore
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Not only was he a doting father, but also an ardent philanthropist. He had worked extensively with UNICEF and considered his time with the organization as his "greatest achievement." The statement of the family added, "The love with which he has surrounded in his final days was so great it cannot be quantified in words alone."

According to Mail Online, the family revealed that out of all the work he has done throughout his life, he considered his time with UNICEF, the most rewarding.





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